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ZOMATO Sales/business development manager interview

Shalaka GhoshExperiencedSelected
I Applied for job through Company website for Sales/business development manager role at ZOMATO
Interview Process
HR Interview Case Study Interview Interactive Session
Round 1

HR Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Tell me something about yourself that is not on your resume.
  • Question 2: The reasons you seem to give for leaving Grab is pretty much a similar case here. Then why Zomato?
  • Question 3: Why don't you join Roadrunnr again?
  • Question 4: What if you feel immoral yet again and decide to leave the company?
Interview Experience
Answer 1: Started with basic education info and why I took up engineering and why I changed my mind to shift to a totally different field.
On the job experiences, twist and turns ultimately leading to what made me come to this interview.
- On the job experiences in Roadrunnr.
- Reasons for leaving.
- Reasons for joining Grab.
- Reasons for resignation in just one month.

Answer 2: The natural answer that came to me was that Zomato has been my dream job.
- Words of inspiration by the CEO.
- Work Culture.
- Branding by the famous : Akshar Pathak & Shakti Shetty. (They are my Gods, my exact words :P)
- Knowledge gain over a span of from a sister who works with Zomato.

Answer 3: Now that was a trick question. (Reasons will remain undisclosed :P)

Answer 4: After landing a dream job, a little immorality won't hurt :D

One intense hour of grilling with the HR. Be prepared for it. One of the toughest interviews I had to go through.
No piece of cake.
Interview Tips
Tip 1: Keep it short and simple. Don't try to create a glorious image of yourself that you are fit for the job for so and so reasons.
Be honest. Honesty is the best policy and honesty never hurt anybody ;)
Ultimately they judge you on how you have evolved overtime and the fact that you have learnt something in the past and will not make the same mistakes in future.

Tip 2: Be very careful when you use the words "Dream Job". Justify it with reasons and answers.
I happened to apply for Zomato only yesterday after a series of failed attempts one year ago. (So i had 0 hopes)
After getting shortlisted after the telephonic round yesterday, I gave the interview today. But i have been following Zomato & every news related to it sincerely for 2 years now, which in-fact proves that it is a dream job!

Tip 3: Be honest. :)

Tip 4: Be honest.

Most of my tips say be honest. And be that.
Stay very calm. That is the beauty of a salesperson, they might be crying a river inside but nothing to show to the world when it comes to your job.
Round 2

Case Study Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: So (The HR) tells me you have eveloved over the last 8 months into the person you are today. Why Zomato?
  • Question 2: Where do you see yourself in 5 years/ You seem to be a very passionate person, describe passion in one word or a sentence.
  • Question 3: Name idols, whom you look up to.
Interview Experience
Answer 1:
Similar answer.
- Specifically talked about the Yourstory article by Deepinder Goyal titled "Lessons Learnt in 2015" which i could actually relate to when i first read it.
- Challenge.
- Best start up to be with.

Answer 2: "Learnt over time, short term goals last along with a vision of the future. Planning it may let you down.
Wherever i am, i know I'd want to make a difference. That's my passion."
I had 2. Reasons given, justified.

Answer 3: This was a strange question for me since My Dad is my biggest idol and inspiration & I look up to him as an idol.
My first boss, my boss at Roadrunnr is a second.
- Dad, why? Basics in life, work hard and you'll succeed. (Theoretical approach)
- Boss, actually taught me how to work hard starting from scratch. (Practical approach)
- "Theories can get you only to a distance, what i have learnt on the job is much more than i have ever learnt in college or school combined"
Interview Tips
Tip 1: If you have a dream job, follow it. There's a reason why its your dream job :)

Tip 2: Know your passions. If you don't yet, search.

Tip 3: An idol is a person you learn the most from, in a life altering way. Could be a friend, family, boss. Anybody.

Be yourself.
Round 3

Interactive Session

Interview Experience
1. Interviewer: Named certain products of Zomato.
2. Interviewer: Options of profiles to be given. Do you have any idea of those? (I did, courtesy my sister)
3. Me: Which one brings the most revenue?
4. Me: How do competitors affect the number of transactions per day?
5. Interviewer: Mock pitch for both profiles. (without any knowledge of what they are)
6. Will you ready to sign a one year bond with Zomato?
Interview Tips
1. Know your company well. Do a test run, use all of its products.
2. Do your home work well, it comes from constant learning.
3. It's a startup, revenue is the most important factor.
4. Competitor study a second close.
5. A little hesitant, but tried my level best. Not perfect though.
6. It's a dream job. Yes. Obviously!

Skills Tested

Skill Tips
Learn constantly, everyday, from wherever possible. Be an enthusiast in what interests you the most!
General Tips
Be yourself. Be honest!
Motivation for applying
Dream Job.
Funny Moments
The interviewer offered me food right after the first round. And water constantly. :P
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ZOMATO Software developer internship interview

Gulshan KumarFresherSelected
I was interviewed on-campus at NIT Srinagar for Software developer role at ZOMATO
Interview Process
Resume Shortlist Test Test Test HR
Round 1

Resume Shortlist

Interview Experience
They selected 10 students from our college from CS and IT .They are looking for guys with extra projects done during college .App development will be a bonus ,contribution to open source and competitive programming will help for shortlisting.
Some of my friends had research papers published and they too got selected.
Round 2


Test Sections
  • Section 1: Coding
Interview Experience
Have to write code snippet for 4 questions in 45 minutes
1.Difference between hour hand and minute hand
2.longest palindromic sub string.
3.Product Array puzzle
4.Some question related to matrix
Interview Tips
All question were from geeksforgeeks
So practice it well ..u will make through it
Round 3


Test Sections
  • Section 1: Skype Round Technical
Interview Experience
Long Discussion on projects
They will scan each and every line of your Resume ,so dont write bullshits..
I wrote about interest in AI and got screwed..Discussion on college projects and final year project.
Then asked me to design a snake and ladder game OOPS concepts
Told me to find sum of all elements of sub matrix..(hint pre-processing the matrix)
Asked me about sessions and cookies
Gave a query to write on database indexing (dont remember exactly)
Asked me the code of the difference between hour hand and minute hand and extended it wid the second hand
Asked me as how to implement a dictionary
One of my friend was asked to implement (set) of STL
Interview Tips
The interviewer was cool guy..helped me a lot always made me comfortable.Interact with them as much as possible
Round 4


Test Sections
  • Section 1: Skype Round 2
Interview Experience
Wid the CTO of the company .
Started wid the projects again .ACID properties,Database transactions,Concurrency Control
Optimization in database.
Then he asked me to code a function
Given a hash function applied on letters of English words ,un-hash it.Took me 45 minutes to reach the solution ,he helped me a lot.
Asked me to write the code for diameter of a binary tree
Asked me write the code for Boolean Matrix
One of my friend was asked to a question in which there was a bug in a m*n matrix and we have to find the bug(hint dfs or bfs)
Interview Tips
keep calm ,,just keep talking ad he will help u a lot...
Round 5


Interview Experience
This was the toughest round for me...I had cleared all the rounds but they rejected me in the HR round ,,,dont know where I screwed..Learn every thing of Zomato..
They offered me an internship and thereafter they would look to give a PPO ...!!!lets see what happens

Preparation materials

  • Introduction To Algorithms (Cormen),
  • Youtube.com/user/saurabhschool,
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