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Winjit Technologies Management trainee interview

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I was interviewed on-campus at Institute of Management Nirma University (IMNU Ahmedabad) for Management trainee role at Winjit Technologies
Interview Process
Group Discussion Technical Interview HR Interview
Round 1

Group Discussion

Group Discussion Topic
Is Technology creating income disparities
Interview Experience
There were 12 people in Group discussion.We.were.given a minute to think on the topic.I entered second in the discussion. Opposing the opinion of the first . I said no and gave an example of how I got an opportunity of job because of linkedin. Everybody wanted to speak and 5-6 people began speaking at the same time. I tried to request people to speak one at a time and also give the less spoken a chance.I enters the discussion once more for a very short.time. Everybody was given a chance to conclude. I the conclusion I explained Why I took such a.stand and.explained.once again with a benefit my friend received due to technology.
Interview Tips
Enter as early as possible
Be brief
State facts, figures and examples
Round 2

Technical Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Tell us about your journey in Nirma
  • Question 2: Questions realted to work experience ( Full time, Part time, free lancing, whatever was mentioned)
  • Question 3: Have you got any sales experience
  • Question 4: What can you sell of Winjit in any company of your choice
  • Question 5: How will you figure if there is any way Wjnjit can help a company ( The problem should be one which we have never faced earlier
  • Question 6: Do you drink
  • Question 7: Do you smoke
  • Question 8: Do you think having a Girlfriend is detrimental or productive
  • Question 9: Tell us.something about yourself and your family
Interview Experience
1. I told the important events of which , I was a part of.
What all opportunities and challenges I got to face.

2. Tell them what I.did in each one.of these.

3. Tell them if you got any or you can describe any sponsorship experience. You can mention any task in which you convinced somebody.

4. I descrined how one of.their product helpful to company.

5. I talked about observing, asking for problems to different people in an organization and then talking to our own team if we could developed a solution .
Gave examples as well.

6 and 7. I.told.them the reality

8. I expressed my view that in short term a person may loose focus but in long term a good relationship is very helpful.
Interview Tips
Make note of all things you have done in college in a word file. And read them before the interview. Higlight yoiur elected roles and tasks you have carried out successfully.

I opened up personal things like having a Girlfriend because I felt comfortable in talking to the interviewers . This is the reason why they asked me the last three questions. It did not plan to open up personal things it just happened.because of the reason I just mentioned above.

I think it is important to be frank as well as.well prepared..
Also being good at talking to strangers helps in an interview for sales .

Make sure you have a word file of all that you have done in life and also answers to basic HR questions like tell something about yourself, Why MBA, why Sales, Why this company, etc

Read throughly.about the products which the company offers. You must go through their website.
Round 3

HR Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Tell us about yourself.
  • Question 2: Why do you want to join Winjit
Interview Experience
Just highlighted where I was.born and brought up and what my education and work experience.
As well as what all I had done in my MBA ( Till date )
Interview Tips
As mentioned above, keep the answers ready .

I also told them what I found interestimg in Winjits work and why I would like to join the company.


Skills Tested

  • Confidence
  • Flexibility
  • Ability To Convince
  • Communication
Skill Tips
Read newspaper and magzines .<br /> Recommend Business Standard ( First 3 pages is what I always read) <br /> Business Outlook and Business World also helped me keep updated. <br />
General Tips
Already given
Motivation for applying
Profile offered: International Sales<br />
Salary offered: Cannot disclose<br />
Growth of the company.<br />
Wanted to work for a startup or growing company and not an established brand.
Funny Moments
The personal questions are surprising and are the
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