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Subodh GuptaFresherSelected
I was interviewed on-campus at KIIT University for Get role at Wind World India
Interview Process
Test Group Discussion Technical Interview HR Interview
Round 1


60 Minutes
No. of Questions
50 questions
Test Sections
  • Section 1: Technical Round ( offline test)
Interview Experience
This round is quite easy and requires a basic knowledge of core subjects, aptitude and little bit of English. what i studied in my whole career, everything was used that day. my subject paper was mechanical so it was quite easy for me to solve all these question in 40 minutes. multiple objective questions were there. any one having some basic knowledge can solve these questions very easily. from 450 students approx 160 students were selected for the next round that was group discussion. according to my experience those who scored more than 35 marks were selected for the further process.
Interview Tips
Have a basic knowledge in strength of materials, ic engine, theory of machines, metallergy, mechanics, mathemetics, machine design, aptitude, english and the most important thing is confidence & faith upon you. during the test solve questions by your own mind capability and think always that you are right. this is the thing we have to develop inside us and cant be exchanged with others :) so have patience, confidence & faith on your capability. :)
Round 2

Group Discussion

15 Minutes
Group Discussion Topic
Should Books be replaced by I-pad or Electronic gadgets in schools or colleges?
Interview Experience
this round was quite competitive. 15 students were there in each panel and 2 judges were there to judge us. we got 2 minutes to think on topic.this topic was familiar to everyone and one of my friend started to sharing his point with the panel. i was at 2nd position to start the conversation and i was in favour of the topic. i have placed my point for approx 2 minutes and then one of friend has interfared me so i stopped. then the discussion was held about 15 minutes and everyone has got the chance to speak. 8 peoples are in favour and 8 are against. but this round was quite interesting and i enjoyed it and selected for the next round. approx 80 peoples were qualified this round from all core branches.
Interview Tips
Have a good listening capability and don't argue with the panelist. make your eye contact with your friends not with the judges. Be at your point don't change your points from favour to against whether your point is correct or not just stick with your opinion. never try to control all your friends by saying that "listen to me" "hey guyzz" and all these things because we are not the leaders ;) it is not necessary to conclude it doesn't matters more.

lastly keep calm, patience, and look energetic. :) have faith that you are the best from all of them. every thing will be good.
Round 3

Technical Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: question from all subjects.
  • Question 2: iron carbon diagram, TTT curve.
  • Question 3: stress-strain curve, SFD, BMD, beams, columns, shear diagram.
  • Question 4: bearing design, specification, diagram of bearing, bearing consideration, load specilization, materials for bearing.
  • Question 5: ic engine diagram, 2-stroke, 4-stroke, performance, carburization, supercharging etc
  • Question 6: mechanics, 12th standered maths,
  • Question 7: laws of thermodynamics, thermal engineering, power plant engineering.
  • Question 8: gears, types of gears with diagram, tooth profile, instantaneous center
  • Question 9: what is machines, higher pair, lower pair, kinematic chain, conversion of chains/
  • Question 10: all types of cycle used in thermodynamics and power plant, rankine cycle derivation.
  • Question 11: and all subject were covered in this round.
Interview Experience
this round was very tough. my technical interview duration was 90 minutes ( 1.30 hours). all of the subject were covered in this round. this round was quite hectic and requires a thorough knowledge of domains. only 30 of them were selected for the HR interview.
Interview Tips
Have patience and a good commands in your domain subject. go through the handbook for mechanical engineering by made easy. it will be very useful in that time. :)
Round 4

HR Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Tell me about yourself.
  • Question 2: again a short technical round was there so be prepare.
  • Question 3: how are you feeling because you are in last round.?
  • Question 4: Are youphysically fit?
  • Question 5: Are you ready to work with us?
  • Question 6: what is your expectation with us?
  • Question 7: where you want to see your self in five years?
Interview Experience
this round lasts approx in 60 minutes ( 1 hour) . they tested me technically, mentally & physically.they told me to make 50 push-ups in one time to cheak my physical fitness. they asked me about my family background. interviewer was very happy and told me that " you are the first one whom i am going to select" you will got your offer-letter and all the best" they also told me that we will meet our training institute in DAMAN & DIU.

this makes me feel happy and finally i was placed that day. :) i have a joining on 1st july in DAMAN. only 6 of us were selected from mechanical and 8 students from electrical and electronics.
Interview Tips
Patience will work in this stage and mental & physical fitness will work :) this is last round in wind world.

Preparation materials

  • HandBook for mechanical engineering by made-easy,
General Tips
Patience, FAITH, Confidence
Funny Moments
interviewers were quite friendly. they offered me snacks during my interview :) on the day of interview they confirmed me that i am a "WIND ENGINEER" and i am placed :)
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