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TinyOwl Software engineer interview

Anshul NemaExperiencedSelected
I Applied for job through Referral for Software engineer role at TinyOwl
Interview Process
Technical Interview
Round 1

Technical Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Integrate search box with an ajax request such that the request is sent only after a particular time and not after tying a keyword
  • Question 2: Binary search the pivot in an array formed by shifting a number of elements to the front, the pivot is the element where the sorting breaks
Interview Experience
It was challenging, but went well. The interviewer was very chill and provided help as well, i was given sufficient time to complete the task
Interview Tips
Take your time, follow your standards, use whatever new you can.

Skills Tested

  • 1)communication
  • Attitude
  • Approaching A Problem
Skill Tips
A positive attitude, confidence, a good approach and a communicative behaviour is what makes you clear inyerviews successfully
Motivation for applying
Tinyowl is a brand name in itself and everyone likes to work in a friendly, innovative environment, where you are not restricted to use your brain
Funny Moments
Golgappe at the office, football with the co-founder, carrom matches. Everything is fun with same aged people
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