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Tiger Analytics Senior analyst interview

I was interviewed on-campus for Senior analyst role at Tiger Analytics
Interview Process
Technical Interview Case Study Interview
Round 1

Technical Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: on C++ coding,
  • Question 2: simulation
Interview Experience
Round 2

Case Study Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: data based case study like missing data questions.

Skills Tested

  • Big Data Analytics
  • C++
  • Statistics
  • Regression
General Tips
Resume doesn’t really matter, but specific things in it can be looked at. CGPA does not matter as well. Build up your skills, engage with teams and startups in the institute.
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Tiger Analytics Data Scientist profile interview questions

  • Question 1: 1. Describe problems related to underfiting and overfiting? How will you deal with these?2. Internals of naive bayes3. Given a mxn dimension matrix with each cell containing an alphabet, find if a string is contained in it or not.4. Problem related to topological sorting5. Problem related to image processing(converting bunch of 1s to 0s in a matrix)6. Resume based questions7. General questions related to prob and stats - asked on Jul, 2014 in Chennai

Tiger Analytics Business Development Manager profile interview questions

  • Question 1: Everything about me which includes personal and professional life. - asked in Chennai
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