SILABTECH Interview Questions and Tips


SILABTECH Design engineer interview

I was interviewed on-campus for Design engineer role at SILABTECH
Interview Process
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Round 1


Interview Experience
1st round written paper completely technical and from the basic you learnt in ECE.
Round 2

Other Interview

Interview Experience
2nd Round face to face interview with 6 candidates getting selected for the interviews.
Round 3

Other Interview

Interview Experience
3rd Round Skype interview with the Digital team.

Skills Tested

Skill Tips
Preparation at least for the digital domain is the basics of digital electronics and a good knowledge of counters, timers, flipflops, timing diagrams and parasitics. Their questions are mainly based on the kind of work they do which is specialization in high speed interconnects. i.ecommunication lines that operate at 1GHZ or higher so you can look up those.
General Tips
To sum it up in one sentence the task of getting into a startup is a high risk and high reward strategy. If it works out you will go miles ahead of your friends Otherwise start afresh.And from a personal experience it was a very rewarding experience. Unlike other companies where they send some random HR person, here you had the head of the company coming over and taking your interviews is a whole different experience.
Motivation for applying
Well firstly its a start up by an alumnus of our college, ECE batch of 2002. Mainly Its a pure EC startup and the guys behind it are people each with over 10 years experience in the field. Right now, the company is in a purple patch and is doing well. And in general the idea about start-ups. Startups have major up and downs which I wish some one would have told me. PROs-1.Very open workspace and less barriers. 2.very quick growth (you grow as fast as your company), so pick one which has a good growth plan. 3.very good work experience which will help you get future jobs.  4.more importance given to each individual. CONs- 1. less recognition as the company is not famous. 2.salary will not be at par with the big corporates. 3. you don't get the rewards usual company people do. 4.uncertainty in the job.
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