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Samsung Electronics India Software Operations Interview Questions and Tips


Samsung Electronics India Software Operations Software developer interview

I was interviewed on-campus for Software developer role at Samsung Electronics India Software Operations in Jun, 2016
Interview Process
Test Technical Interview HR Interview
Round 1


3 Hours
No. of Questions
1 questions
Interview Experience
We had to code in the given duration. The question was a simple dynamic programming one. But the catch was that we could test our solution only a given number of times.
Interview Tips
Make sure you're strong in your coding basics and have enough self confidence.
Round 2

Technical Interview

Interview Experience
The tech round was basically on the resume. There were a few questions about the projects I had done.
Interview Tips
Know about everything you've written in your resume. Don't write anything that you're not very sure of.
Round 3

HR Interview

Interview Experience
Questions were about my work and achievements in college and future plans.
Interview Tips
Talk freely and don't be nervous. Don't reveal any future study plans to the HR!
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