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Marvel Realtors Software engineer interview

I was interviewed on-campus for Software engineer role at Marvel Realtors
Interview Process
Test Technical Interview
Round 1


Interview Experience
(Shortlisted comps:12 I.T.:3 & tronics:5)
-Consisted of 30 questions,7 from quant and remaining from C and OS
-Questions from C were like what will be the output, will the code give error or not
-those from OS - 2 Qs on Real time Systems (chp 19 from Galvin, 8th edition), process sheduling algos.
Round 2

Technical Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Can pointers be added,subtracted etc
  • Question 2: Algo,code,walkthrough for tower of hanoi
  • Question 3: Reverse a doubly linked list(only head pointer is given) (Both recursive and non-recursive methods) //this Q was asked to almost 10-12 students ;)
  • Question 4: Array of pointers,pointer to arrays and their byte sizes
  • Question 5: Identify a system as big or little endian
  • Question 6: -find if a linkedlist is circular
  • Question 7: macro to set a particular bit of a number
  • Question 8: concepts on compiling,linking and loading //this Q was asked to almost 5-6 students
  • Question 9: what is paging,segmentation
  • Question 10: reverse a singly link list
  • Question 11: Program Logic to solve Sudoku..
  • Question 12: Whats the maximum memory you can allocate with malloc()...
  • Question 13: What is virtual memory ? Why is it called virtual ? Whats the area of hard disk where pages are replaced to, called?
  • Question 14: What is the role of virtual memory if there is no swap space...(Interviewer was So knowledgeable about memory management that We spent 1 hour out of 1.45 hour on discussing virtual memory only.. :-o )
  • Question 15: Process p1 & p2. p1 writes to an address & sleeps...p2 writes another value to the same address & terminates. Now p1 wakes up & reads value of that address. He asked me the output.What is Role of OS in this.
  • Question 16: What determines the padding size for the last member of the struct ? (We discussed this for half an hour probably !!)
  • Question 17: Write a C code to delete a node from circular doubly linked list where you cannot delete the head node.. (At the last i was very eager to know the answers to the questions he asked me, But he refused to answer saying You should do some hard work to know it.. :P )
  • Question 18: int *p[5]; int (*q)[5]; sizeof(p)=? sizeof(q)=?
  • Question 19: how static and global variables work- when they are declared inside and when they are declared outside the functions
  • Question 20: write code to reverse a doubly linked list
  • Question 21: towers of hanoi- explain algorithm and write code [recursive]
  • Question 22: final year project, general info abt wht u r gonna do
  • Question 23: 2 queues q1 and q2 are given.A background process copies elements from q1 to q2.In case an error occurs elements from q2 need to be copied back again to q1.Write this error handling function using foll functions q_len(),q_insert(qname),q_remove(qname,data).q_len() returns int,return type of other functions not known.Also no idea is given regarding the datatype in the queues.(Basically if q1 contains elements 1,2,3,4 and q2 contains 5,6,7 then in case of an error q1 should contain elements 5,6,7,1,2,3,4)
  • Question 24: why cant u open two serial port connections at a time
  • Question 25: a function returns a float ,the float value may also indicate error/failure in the function.How will u implement it?
  • Question 26: synchronisation and locks - given 2 threads...print out 1 to 10 such that 1 thread shud print all odd nos and other should print even nos.
  • Question 27: what is binary search tree...given n elements in binary tree....what is max ht of tree...what is search complexity for the case when this ht is can u reduce it?
  • Question 28: -a try block throws an exception which is caught by catch() the throw() is internally implemented
  • Question 29: int a[10] printf(“%d”,sizeof(a)) what will be the output?
  • Question 30: how are static functions used in c/c++
  • Question 31: Tell me something about your Final year project. (My final year project is Soooo advanced that i ended up telling him mam will give us research papers and then we will evaluate the algorithm mentioned in the paper)
  • Question 32: Write a code to delete a node from singly linked list where you will be given head and offset of the node to be deleted .
  • Question 33: Represent numbers using linked list. How would you add two numbers represented in linked list form. Length of numbers can be different.
  • Question 34: What are Tries and why they are used.
  • Question 35: Given a linked list find if there is loop. (I gave standard algo, then he asked why it works?) Extended to find loop point. (I said I know this question, So he just changed the topic without getting into details.. :P ;) )
  • Question 36: What are locks? If you have non pre-emptive uni processor system, is there any need of lock. (He himself was confused about what he was asking & my questions made him more confused, So in end he said lets leave this question.. :P)
  • Question 37: Where are static global variables stored. Where are function’s static variable stored ?
  • Question 38: Why the value of static variable initialised to Zero ? Why not any other constant ?
  • Question 39: Can you assign variable value to a static variable during initialization ?
  • Question 40: What is macro ? What are differences between Macro and function ? Later changed to What are differences between macro and In-line functions?
  • Question 41: What is paging ?
  • Question 42: What is associative mapping ? What is difference between associative mapping and direct mapping ? What is set associative mapping? (After hearing last question I cursed myself for not reading AMP book for MST.. :P But finally I was able to hide my lack of knowledge..:P)
  • Question 43: Can paging be implemented completely in OS, thus, removing paging hardware?..
  • Question 44: What is TLB ?
  • Question 45: Write a macro To add/multiply two numbers and some variations
  • Question 46: Write a Macro in which you will define temporary variables & User can call this macro multiple times & still it should not give multiple definitions error.
  • Question 47: Write all possible test cases for adder.
  • Question 48: What is your rating on topcoder ? Why you call yourself so passionate about coding ?
  • Question 49: You say u can sit for hours coding, forgetting everything, does it imply your inability to solve the simple question?:P :P or is it that you solve too many ?
  • Question 50: struct abc{ int a; int b; char c;}; wht is the size of the structure? how will the members be allocated memory?
  • Question 51: if i change it to struct abc{ int a; char c; int b;}; will size change?
  • Question 52: wht ll be the size of struct abc{ int a; char b; short c;}; ? how will they be arranged when they are allocated memory?
  • Question 53: why is this padding done? how is it decided how much padding should be done and where?
  • Question 54: there are 2 processors each executing a separate program- processor 1 int a=10 int *ptr = &a; ptr is written into file1 processor sleeps for 10sec printf("%d",a); processor 2 int *p; file1 is read and contents are saved in p *p=5; processor 2 executes above program when porcessor one is sleeping, so when printf is executed wht will be the output?
  • Question 55: ] the above above question led to a lot of other questions- how do virtual n physical addresses work? how is paging done? is paging done for individual programs or for centrally for the entire system? how is segmentation done? if there are many processors with many programs running, how will the memory be allocated? the above ptr stores physical or virtual address? from where does malloc allocate memory? what is the max limit for this allocation?
  • Question 56: theres a two player game- there is a round table, each player puts a single coin on the table in each turn such that it does not ovrelap any other coin, a players loses if there is no place to put a coin on the table, each player has infinite supply of coins, if i let u take the first turn, wht move should u make to ensure tht u ll win? (ans: put it in the centre, then any move the opponent makes, just reflect it like a mirror)
  • Question 57: how ll u implement a queue using a stack, u can use only push n pop
  • Question 58: how ll u find out if there is a loop in a link list
  • Question 59: write a function to check whether a substring is present in the string
Interview Experience
{ int a;
char b;
what will be the size of the struct?...i said 5 bytes....he sd...dont you know abt padding?...i sd he gave me this prob..
short* ptr;
int a;
and asked me what happens here...
For me, it was all about 1st interview. Because 2nd interview was timepass. Qs form !st interview -->
-Interviewer started with pointers, can we add pointers, can we subtract them.
-int a, *p=&a; what will happen if i write **p;
-can we access static variable of 1 file from another file. can we pass address of static variable from 1 file to another.
-3 programs, each having some global variables. he gave me the code and asked how
-implement memcpy function. i said i dont know what that function is about. then he explained me what function does and then asked me to write the code for the same. he was expecting solution to that condition where source and destination overlap.
-padding in case of structures.
-struct student {int rollno; char *name,*address...}; which data structure you will use to store records of 100 students..(array). Then he asked, what you will use to store records where no of students is not fixed. (linked list with each node containing record of 10 students and pointer to next node).
-reverse linked list (recursive and non-recursive)
-then he asked about final year project.
-then he asked the reason for not going for Higher education.
He asked me Qs only from C n DS. no Q from OS was asked. But do prepare for OS as some friends were grilled for 1-1.5 hours over only OS.
Interview Tips
1) Be truthful throughout the interview.
2) Don't worry too much.They like VJTIans. (In fact, there's a fair chance that the interviewer himself is one).

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    I was interviewed on-campus at IIT Roorkee for Graduate trainee role at Marvel Realtors
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