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InMobi Software engineer internship interview

Anshul GuptaFresherSelected
I was interviewed on-campus at IIT Kharagpur for Software engineer role at InMobi
Interview Process
Resume Shortlist Puzzle Interview HR Interview
Round 1

Resume Shortlist

Interview Experience
The first round was a resume shortlist, which I think was on the basis of programming and coding courses (and projects) taken along with your CGPA. Out of 10 shortlisted people, I knew 4 and all of us were 9 pointers. The rest who I didn't know turned out to be 9 pointers as well! :P
Out of 10 shortlisted people, 3 (including me) were from ECE and the rest were from CS. Even though InMobi was open for Mathematics & Computing, no person from MnC dept. was in the shortlist. (Presumably due to their CGPAs or some other criterion that I'm not in the knowledge of.)
Interview Tips
i) High CGPA is a must (We're talking above 9, at the end of 2nd year for CS/ECE and 3rd year for MnC)
ii)Taking programming and algorithm courses and projects is important, as that must be visible in your resume.
Round 2

Puzzle Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: The office of InMobi technologies has 10 floors, each with 300 employees. In the morning (7-8 AM), the building sees 3000 employees entering and waiting in a queue for 3 lifts. In the morning, everyone goes ONLY to their cubicle and nowhere else. Now, people are irritated as they have to wait for a long time for the lifts. You've been given control of the lift's algorithms (assuming a green field where you can control every practical aspect of the lift imaginable), you have to make some changes so that people are happy.
Interview Experience
One special thing about the interviews, you're asked not to wear any formals! That actually helps in taking the tension off of things!
It's simple logic, after that. Increase the lift's speed (taking in mind of the safety), collecting usage data, optimising the lift's floor-stoppage according to that.
As told after the interview, the interviewer is just observing how you think and approach a problem.

One odd thing was not being asked about any coding/algorithm questions even though the profile was for a software engineer.

After this question, I was asked if I had any questions to ask. I simply stated that the work environment and culture affected me as much as the profile I'm applying for. Thus, the drive and motivation of the people who work there is also very important. So I asked what are the companies' values which the employees believe in, too.
Interview Tips
Stay confident, don't let any tension get to your head.
In the future, InMobi may start asking coding questions too in the interviews. or change the selection procedure, which will be communicated in the PPT of InMobi.
Whatever may happen, the first round should show your zeal to solve problems, your creativity in trying different approaches, and applying logic to find the best solution.
Round 3

HR Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Tell me one thing about you that's not listed on your resume.
  • Question 2: When you hear InMobi, what's the first word that comes in your head?
Interview Experience
OK! There were a lot of questions asked since the interview was more like a conversation taking place. Like in ANY conversation, keep proper eye contact, smile and be approachable for any questions. Show enthusiasm in your voice and your answers. The interviewer asked me questions about
i)My resume, and all the activities that I'd listed there. (eg: Why did you enlist in this course? Do you like coding?)
ii)Why programming, how does it interest you?
iii)Basic questions about InMobi, like 'What do you know about us after attending the PPT?' and 'Why InMobi'

Since I had done quite a lot of marketing activities, I was also asked about that. Will you do an MBA in the future? What all did you do for marketing? I had a strong background in digital marketing, and we had a little chat about mobile marketing and what's the future of mobile advertising.
Interview Tips
Smile, for god's sake! It's a conversation about you, do all the basic things to improve the conversational experience.
Small things like greeting the interviewer, smiling, proper eye contact, and speaking properly are paramount.

Like in any HR interview, make sure you know yourself and your resume properly, so that you don't phase out in the interview when asked some 'unexpected' question. (since that's when they know thatyou might be lying/exaggerating). Hence introspect enough before sitting the interviews.

Skills Tested

Skill Tips
I don't think that this adds on as a skill, but InMobi wants to create a huge impact on the mobile world and the mobile advertising sector.<br /> Your knowledge about this sector in general could help you strike good conversations (at least in the HR round).

Preparation materials

  • Programming & Data Structures,
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms,
General Tips
Make sure you're able to convince yourself and the interviewers for why do you want to work in Inmobi Technolgies.

I've already shared the rest in previous sections! :)

2 people out of 10 were selected for this internship experience, so make sure you prepare well! All the best! :D

Motivation for applying
I'm a gadget geek from my childhood. The mobile industry amazes me as it's been the biggest change-bringer in the modern world. InMobi as a company wants to create a huge impact in the mobile advertising space and mobile advertising! And seeing their products that they offer in this domain had me thinking that they're doing something unique and awesome!

The work culture of InMobi is just amazing, right from flexible work hours to the epic office they have in Bangalore full of awesome people working towards that one goal! Also, InMobi offers their employees opportunities to shift between various verticals if they want to. All of this (along with a good compensation ;-) ) was enough motivation for me to apply!
Funny Moments
When I was asked whether I was in the third year, I said yes, and then said, usually people think that I'm still in high school!

We had a good laugh on that one! :P

Otherwise also, the entire procedure was relaxed and fun in general.
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InMobi Software engineer interview

Sushrut IkharFresherSelected
I was interviewed on-campus at IIT Kharagpur for Software engineer role at InMobi
Interview Process
Round 1


Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Algorithms on arrays and strings (coding)
  • Question 2: Distributed Database Design
  • Question 3: Large scale Ad Server Design
Interview Experience
They tested on thought-process during design problems. What problems are with the current solution I suggested and how to improve it...
Interview Tips
Hints from interviewer are very helpful
Keep talking while you are thinking
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