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Exotel interview

I was interviewed on-campus for Exotel
Interview Process
Test Case Study Interview Stress Interview
Round 1


60 Minutes
Interview Experience
The 1 hour test consisted of aptitude questions and had negative marking.Cut off for Consult(2) profile was based on JEE ranks (under 500).
Round 2

Case Study Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: I was given the case of a pharma research company which had come up with a drug. I was asked to discuss about whether the company was to go in for its own manufacturing or license it.
  • Question 2: Was about a retail firm aiming to use analytics to upset its competition. I was asked to discuss about target groups and how someone would go on implementing them. Basically I was asked about analytics
Interview Experience
I did not know! I told them that my knowledge was limited in that area.
Round 3

Stress Interview

Interview Experience
Little time was given to answer each of the questions. This is where speed math is important.My concepts from my minor (economics) were extremely useful for the jargon that I used which I think might have impressed them.

Skills Tested

    Skill Tips
    Presentation of the resume seemed to be extremely important. There were a few people who were sent out just after they presented their resume.
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    • Question 1: an array is there xxxxx......yyyyyy....find first occurence of ygive optimum solution - asked on Jan, 2016 in Chennai
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