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Eveready Industries Interview Questions and Tips

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Eveready Industries interview

I was interviewed on-campus for Eveready Industries
Interview Process
Test Group Discussion Technical Interview HR Interview
Round 1


30 Minutes
No. of Questions
55 questions
Test Sections
  • Section 1: written test (eveready )
Interview Experience
All 55 question were technical(no aptitude, no english). Questions were basic(no numericals) and from all subjects (like production, design, mos ,tom, i c engine, rac, Thermodynamics,power plant etc),0.5  negative marking was there for wrong answer.1 mark for each correct answer. i was 1st in this test with 45 marks.they were focusing on technical.they were looking for technically strong guy.
Interview Tips
Mechanical hand book (Arihant or made easy) is sufficient for any type of written test................
Round 2

Group Discussion

10 Minutes
Group Discussion Topic
Is there a correlation between education and success?
Interview Experience
I am not good at english at all,,so it didn't go well.i didn't speak well but tried to listen everybody.it was a very easy topic and i had a lots of point to say,,,but i was barely able to speak in english. As they were looking for technically sound student,,,,and there were huge gap of mark between who came 1st  and 2nd in the written test.i was 1st with 45 mark.guy who secured 2nd in the test had 25 marks.As i was exceptionally well in written exam so despite my poor performance in GD they selected me for interview round.
Interview Tips
I will request all student who have problem in speaking english .you guys have time ,plz consider speaking english as your semester subject(you can't get rid of that).i have seen most of the people(including me) have only problem with speaking in english, we don't lag in ideas or points.
Round 3

Technical Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: draw engineering drawing for hexagonal head bolt.how do you differentiate between left hend thresd and right thread in drawing? what is helix angle ?show in the drawing.asked about angle of projection.
  • Question 2: draw and explain the mechanism used in shaper machine?two three more questions from that mechanism,from drilling,grinding etc
  • Question 3: question from iron carbon diagram like..%age of carbon in steel? maximum %age of carbon in iron?cast iron ,,eutectic ,eutectoid reaction
  • Question 4: what is normalising ? temperature range,,,,soaking time for normalising?difference between annealing,hardening and normalising?
  • Question 5: which gear mechanism is used in watch?explain in detail?
  • Question 6: types of screw thread and more
  • Question 7: questions from som,,,
Interview Experience
I was 1st student to be interviewed .It was awesome experience,,i really enjoyed this interview....,i answered all question.during ppt they told that they would only ask from design,,but when they asked me about favourite subject, i told,,whole mechanical engineering(i will not suggest,,,i was lucky to be able to keep my word,,,, choose at least 2 subject as your favourite ),,,,so they asked me from Engg drawing, production, tom,som,material science(luckly i had done 4 oe from metallurgy  department ),heat treatment.design,etc,and i answered every question correctly.
Interview Tips
for eveready, you require deep technical knowledge,,hand book is not sufficient,,,,,,,go through books,,,,
Round 4

HR Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: give me a reason ,why should i not select you?
  • Question 2: despite knowing that your communication skill is not good ,why didn't u work on it?what if you don't get any job?
  • Question 3: what do you do in spare time?
  • Question 4: you are form madhubani bihar, what is famous in madhubani?asked about madhubani painting?
Interview Experience
(1)give me a reason ,why should i not select you?,,,i answered,,,i perfectly fit in your work profile as u had mentioned during ppt,,so one and only reason may be my poor communication skill.(2)despite knowing that your communication skill is not good ,why didn't u work on it?what if you don't get any job?i answered,,if studied honestly and deeply,one semester is not sufficient for syllabus of one semester,so i don't get time for it...and a company looking for technically sound guy can't let me go from their hand.
Interview Tips
i don't have much idea,,,,,i was answering honestly,,,no fake answers,,,,one thing definitely i will say that ,in hr interview if u keep yourself honest ,,then HR interview is nothing but talking to someone(in my case she was beautiful lady) in english.

Skills Tested

Skill Tips
go through books. all books what your senior recommends you, i.e books which are used in our nit
General Tips
overall ,they were very friendly.every interview panel remains friendly,,opposite to our viva in front of our institute teacher,,,so you will feel more comfortable than a viva there,they will give you sufficient time to answer .you can use paper  and pen to explain something if required,so if u r 1st timer then don't take even a bit of tension ,,,keep all your attention on preparation.
Motivation for applying
work was related to production and design.
Funny Moments
after GD i was such a down(got frustuuuuuuuu) that i didn't even wait for result and came to hostel,,,,,,later pc called me for interview.
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