Energo Interview Questions and Tips


Energo Executive trainee engineer interview

I was interviewed on-campus for Executive trainee engineer role at Energo
Interview Process
Test Interview Interview Group Discussion
Round 1


Test Sections
  • Section 1: Short Answer Type Questions
  • Section 2: Multiple Choice
  • Section 3: Essay
Interview Experience
Sample Questions:
What is the difference between an engineer and a manager?

How will you deal with a manager who is less qualified than you are?

How will you deal when your approach is better than the manager's?
Round 2


Interview Experience
HR round mostly consisted of questions on your background, interests, abilities, personality etc.
Round 3


Interview Experience
Internships-based questions. questions based on resumes.
Round 4

Group Discussion

Interview Experience
Duration 15 minutes and 8 members.Panelists were looking for good listening skills, direction of the discussionMilitary, socio-economic, technology, growth rate, demographics and it's impact on economic productivity, food security are some of the common topics.
GD and aptitude test performance are given a lot of weight age in the selection process apart from being selection rounds.
General Tips
Have a firm group on basics, heat transfer in specific. 

Prior fundaes on psychometric tests may help.
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