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Design group india Intern architect interview

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I Applied for job through Company website for Intern architect role at Design group india
Interview Process
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Other Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Some questions on my 4th year projects.
Interview Experience
My interview experience was a great one. At first, i was a bit nervous, but as they started discussing my college projects with me and appriciating my work, i felt comfortable. I was asked a few questions on my projects and how fast i am at various softwares. I explained them that the project was made according to the Mumbai rules. I was also asked how serious am i about persuing a job as it is very different from our college life. To this i replied by saying that i love to learn new things and working would make me learn the practicality of how an architectural work actually takes place.
Interview Tips
Don't be nervous, and answer their questions confidently with a smile.

Skills Tested

  • Knowledge of architecture
  • Willingness
  • Confidence
General Tips
General advice would be to listen to the question properly and answer them to tge point. Don't try to explain to much.<br />
And as i am an architecture student, my advice to architectural students would be to explain your project as if that is the only correct way to complete the project. It is you who have given birth to that design, so explain it confidently.
Motivation for applying
For internship, i did not want to joint a very big firm. This company was a perfect combination of what i wanted. It is not a very big firm, nice ambience for work, prime location and the most important, a well reputed architect.
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