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CouponDunia Software engineer interview

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I was interviewed on-campus at NIT Durgapur for Software engineer role at CouponDunia
Interview Process
Resume Shortlist Test Technical Interview App development Technical Interview
Round 1

Resume Shortlist

Interview Tips
- Keep your resume as compact as possible- Try to keep requirements of the profile in your resume- Survey on how much the company is paying in the market and then state your expected CTC in the range of +/- 2 LPA.
Round 2


90 Minutes
No. of Questions
3 questions
Test Sections
  • Section 1: Pre-Interview Coding test
Interview Experience
2 questions were a bit easy and the 3rd one was a little tricky for the people who are afraid of recursive programming. All the questions are provided in the link here:
Interview Tips
- Programming experience or programmer's help ( :p ) was the only way out of it.- Try to solve problems which you can solve first rather than hanging on any tough problem, because people solving 2/3 questions were also selected for the next round.
Round 3

Technical Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Given a binary tree how would you identify whether it is a Binary Search tree or not?
  • Question 2: Solve it without using array (in case the solution is - Inorder traversal should be in sorted order)?
  • Question 3: Given a BST, convert it to a binary tree such that each element is replaced by the sum of all the elements greater than it?
  • Question 4: Given an employee table with employee name and salary find the 2nd highest salary in sql?
Interview Experience
The interviewer was very helpful in guiding, motivating and giving me time to solve the problems. It went quite smoothly and within days I was selected for the next interview.
Interview Tips
- Never speak without thinking unless said to speak what you are thinking.- Try to clarify your doubts before you jump into solving questions asked.- If you are taking any assumption, forget not to notify it to the interviewer.
Round 4

App development

Interview Experience
I was made to develop a Java application within a week and submit it with proper documentation. It was very interesting app and I learned tons of things while developing.
Interview Tips
- Try to do your task by yourself.- Keep your code as clean and OOP-like as possible- Make your friend read your documentation you prepared to know if it is understandable.- Use git or any other VCS while developing to ensure fallback in case the application breaks down (which usually happens during development).
Round 5

Technical Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Tell be about yourself?
  • Question 2: Given an array. find the pattern it follows? there can be 4 patterns only: increasing, decreasing, increase then decrease and decrease then increase.
  • Question 3: Given an array of distinct positive numbers find the maximum sum of elements such that no 2 elements occurring in the maximum sum set is adjacent to each other.
  • Question 4: How can you improve suggestions of coupons to the users?
Interview Experience
This was exactly like a last gateway to cross for entering into the company. The interviewer was modest and calm, watching all my steps that I take while solving the problem. Twisting problems and guiding me to unwind the twists. At the end...a great experience!
Interview Tips
Same as the above interview tips, nothing much is required for any technical interview (if you ask me).

Skills Tested

  • Programming
  • Java application development
  • Learning/Grabbing new skills
  • SQL knowledge
Motivation for applying
Few points that motivated me: - Web development related work which is my area of interest.

- Company was a startup so a lot of work => lot of learning (crucial for starting career).- Pay was decent, so I can sustain my living and save something.
Funny Moments
It was my last interview and while I was solving a problem I wrote something wrong, and by mistake " f**k " came out of my mouth. The interviewer was on the phone and for some time I was just wondering if she heard that word, whether it would affect my interview result and all sort of things, rather than about the problem.

A suggestion: Please mind what comes out of your mouth ;)
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