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Cognolink Research analyst interview

I Applied for job through Personal Contacts for Research analyst role at Cognolink
Interview Process
Resume Shortlist HR Interview Behavioural Interview
Round 1

Resume Shortlist

Round 2

HR Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: What is the one time you received positive criticism
  • Question 2: Describe working in a team when u faced a tough situation
  • Question 3: Talk about your biggest achievement
  • Question 4: How did you manage transition from school college
  • Question 5: What is the biggest goal you achieved
Interview Experience
The round was telephonic interview with the HR calling from the London office. At the beginning of the interview itself she told me she would want to ask me some competency questions as she had already seen my resume and didn't wanna ask questions about it. The HR was really nice and made the process extremely comfortable. It was strictly a 30 min round as she had already notified.
Interview Tips
Just keep calm and listen to the questions clearly.
Round 3

Behavioural Interview

Interview Experience
This round was divided in 3 parts and was conducted by 2 team leaders in the company. They made the flow of the conversation really smooth. 1st part was a CV based interview where i was asked about the various internships and projects i did and also about my curriculars. The interviewer navigated through my whole CV making sure that I could explain most of the points. The 2nd part was the competency based questions where she asked me about 10 odd questions where I had to explain what roles I would play in certain situation . It also involved talking about my mistakes or failures and how i overcame them. The 3rd part was a case study interview, the case given was about a investor who was planning to invest in a snack vending manufacturing unit which was loss making. I was asked my approach to the solution of whether or not we should advise him to invest. If yes what are the problems we would tackle. If No, reasons. I was also told to analyse the situation using various parameters such as the competition, industry and the customer view.
Interview Tips
Try considering all the parameters while solving the case. Also for competency based interview, try coming up with an example in your recent past.

Skills Tested

  • Confidence
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Structured thinking
  • Problem solving
Skill Tips
Try going through consulting case studies
Motivation for applying
I loved the profile and the role company was offering. Plus Cognolink was awarded as a great place to work in London and that certainly was a good heads-up in terms of work culture.
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