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Cognizant MarketRx interview

I was interviewed on-campus for Cognizant MarketRx
Interview Process
Resume Shortlist HR Interview Puzzle Interview Case Study Interview Test Puzzle Interview
Round 1

Resume Shortlist

Interview Experience
Firstly, I sat down and prepared an excel sheet of possible resume points and listed the qualities, strengths and weaknesses (if any) reflected by them. Then started writing the resume so as to highlight the ones I want to stress upon. A large help at this time was the MIT workbook available on the net. In addition, I got it reviewed from seniors and batchmates to see if possible changes can be made. I made 2 resumes, one for consulting/ FMCG companies and the other for analytics firms. Yes, I attended PPT's of most companies I was interested in. PPT's are a nice way of taking cues as to what kind of people the company is looking for and the kind of people working there. At times, they also help differentiate between companies of the same domain and to see which one suits you best. I mostly talked to seniors and batchmates working in the companies I was applying to about choosing jobs.
Round 2

HR Interview

Interview Experience
MIT workbook, a list of HR questions called HLPQ, Be Prepared. First I was given a HR case about what I would do incase someone in my team lead to the failure to achieve a task. After that I was asked to find out the reason why a retail coffee chain is losing profitability. Since I had prepared cases for Cap One, I found the case simple. Judging by the amount of information I was being given, I got the feeling he was just looking at how I went about looking at various facets of the problem rather than solving it. He seemed satisfied with my questions. After that I was asked some basic HR and resume questions. I was also asked a puzzle (the one with 3 doors where you are asked whether you should change your decision.)
Round 3

Puzzle Interview

Interview Experience
For puzzles, I mostly did those on Ditto with puzzles, its important to give it multiple tries rather than looking at the solution. This interview just had one puzzle on basic probability. I was explained the perils of feigning ignorance if I knew the puzzle. I had not heard it and said so confidently. I think the key in such a situation is to be truthful and say that you have heard the puzzle if that is the case. In addition, writing down the equations and thinking loud is a must. Although I made a few mistakes, I was able to rectify the same with some prodding from the interviewer.I was then asked a few questions on Genetic algorithms since I had done my seminar on the same, This interview has 2 puzzles. One very simple one of time and work. The other was one framing a linear programming problem which I could not solve. Then I was asked some HR questions like Why Inductis, Why not CAT, Would you say that you are a team player and Describe an instance where you lead a team to accomplish a task.
Round 4

Case Study Interview

Interview Experience
For case interviews, groups are the way to go, and the focus should be on doing the case rather than reading it
Round 5


Interview Experience
Inductis had a written test after which around 40 people were shortlisted. Atter 2 rounds of interviews a list of 15 was released.
Round 6

Puzzle Interview

Interview Experience
This interview was with the India head who had given the PPT. We had to go over 4-5 puzzles since each time I said that I had heard the same. Then I was asked to solve the last one even though I had heard it. It was one of the puzzles on 100 people and sharing of bounty. I was able to solve the same. Then I was asked questions about my strengths, weaknesses and also what my friends would say about me. On the whole I think except for the third interview I did a good job and thought I would make it through. I liked the interview process a lot especially the fact that everyone had to meet all the 4 people. As luck would have it I made it through, finishing the ordeal of wearing formal clothes and making rounds of the placement office.
Interview Tips
Puzzles, Puzzles and more puzzles. Some basic case studies and probability. Mostly, CAT preparation and a good maths background should suffice. For HR, preparing questions from HLPQ and Be prepared should be enough.
General Tips
Key Learning from these experiences was that only if you are cool and confident will you make it through. Also, making ahabit of thinking loud and writing down approach to cases/puzzles is very important.I think pre placement preparation helps a lot. I should have concentrated on cases and puzzles a bit more. In addition, Ishould have thought about what profile suited me best beforehand. As it happened I almost made it to a job which I wasnot sure I wanted since I was shortlisted in another company. As it turned out, I did not make it to both. I believe beingunsure about whether I wanted that job affected my performance
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