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I was interviewed on-campus at Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore for Software developer role at Cerner
Interview Process
Test HR Interview Technical Interview
Round 1


50 Minutes
No. of Questions
50 questions
Test Sections
  • Section 1: Aptitude
  • Section 2: Technical Aptitude
  • Section 3: Verbal
  • Section 4: Logical Reasoning
Interview Experience
The test had 50 questions which were to be answered in 50 minutes. The test is not very difficult if you got basic skills in aptitude, but the most important thing is managing time. The level of difficulty was moderate.
Interview Tips
Do not waste time on verbal questions which have a direct answer ( synonyms and antonyms) which you are not very sure of.
Just try making a smart guess when you have a doubt by elimination or something.
Round 2

HR Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Introduce yourself.
  • Question 2: Tell me more about your achievements.
  • Question 3: What sort of projects do you work on ?
  • Question 4: What is the difference between a hardworker and a smartworker?
  • Question 5: What makes you say that you are more of a developer than an analyst ?( I was asked for choice )
  • Question 6: Why is Zuckerburg in news these days?
Interview Experience
I wouldn't say it went great but it was fine. I did not think I would clear it as for most of the questions the interviewer seemed disappointed and wanted more out of me.
Interview Tips
Keep smiling.
Only put things which you are thorough about, in your resume.
The interviewer too doesn't know everything, so just be confident in whatever you say-the interviewer might get convinced.
Round 3

Technical Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Tell me about yourself
  • Question 2: Which is your favourite project (among mentioned in resume) and why?
  • Question 3: OOPs concepts
  • Question 4: Explain inheritance.
  • Question 5: Difference between finally , finalize and final.
  • Question 6: Private vs final keyword in considerance with member functions in an application offered to the user.
  • Question 7: Write an interface.
  • Question 8: Difference between Abstract class and Interface.
  • Question 9: Inheritance types in Java.
  • Question 10: Order of multiple catch blocks in a single try block in java. Will it compile if the general catch was before the specific one?
  • Question 11: What do you know about Garbage collection.
  • Question 12: Write code for connecting a java application to the database.
  • Question 13: What is JSON?
Interview Experience
The interviewer was really cool. He realized that I mostly work on java applications so he chose to ask me stuff related to that.
He didn't want me to know the answer well but just wanted me to approach to it, maybe think more.
He went through my resume back and forth and asked mostly about all my projects and their logic and how could I take them to the next level.
Interview Tips
Be confident.
Its okay not to know any answer, just try giving it a shot in the approach.
Funny Moments
I had mentioned Japanese as languages known in my resume. During the HR interview , I was asked to tell "How are you ?" in Japanese. I knew that the interviewer didn't know any of that language but I was a little scared to just tell anything.

You could try giving a shot in a similar situation :P
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