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BNP Paribas interview

Adish JainFresherSelected
I was interviewed on-campus at SPIT Mumbai for BNP Paribas
Interview Process
Test Technical Interview HR Interview
Round 1


60 Minutes
No. of Questions
60 questions
Test Sections
  • Section 1: Verbal ability
  • Section 2: Logical Reasoning
  • Section 3: Quantitative Ability
Interview Experience
Medium level difficultyCompleted all of them
Interview Tips
No negative marking so make your best guess among four options.Divide your time according to the three sections.
Round 2

Technical Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: What's the difference between java and c++?
  • Question 2: in c++, what are pointers?
  • Question 3: difference between low level and high level languages!
  • Question 4: description and working of JVM,JDK,JRE
  • Question 5: what makes java portable?
  • Question 6: write a program to find palindrome of given string
  • Question 7: given a code, try to find the error regarding try-catch-finally
  • Question 8: probability of getting the even number as product when two dices are thrown
Interview Experience
No hesitation at all.Interviewer was calm and listening to my answers patiently.
Interview Tips
do not speak a word without thinking"think-structure-speak"
Round 3

HR Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: why BNP paribas?
  • Question 2: about yourself
  • Question 3: areas of improvement and your steps to improve those areas
  • Question 4: strengths with example
  • Question 5: family background
  • Question 6: any previous offers?
Interview Experience
interviewers were good and gave me opportunity to express myself in every aspect as a student
Interview Tips
be yourself, speak as much as you can relevant to the particular question. pay attention in pre-placement talk and try to come with questions regarding the same.

Preparation materials

  • java:the complete reference,
General Tips
in general, every one of you should be yourself and express yourself confidently!!
Motivation for applying
brand and location
Funny Moments
Q- Why BNP paribas?My answer initially included few good points about company and the respective justifications.To end the answer on a lighter note, i added a point that "BNP paribas provides BUS transportation facility", which made interviewers smile a bit.
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  • Question 1: What I was asked :* How is the CGPA calculated?* Describe projects* What IDE was used for one of the projects* Abstract class v/s Interface* Can the main() in java be overridden?* Overloading v/s Overriding?* try{}finally{}...would this work?* try{}catch(Exception e){}catch(ArithmeticException e){}...would this work?* Can a static method be overridden in java?* Write a program to find prime number* Write a basic program on multithreading* Does java support multilevel inheritence?* What is JSP?* Servlet life cycle* do_get v/s do_post methods of service()* SDLC steps* SDLC models* JDBC connectivty steps* Creating an object of interface .. would that work?* Use of super keyword* Primary key v/s Unique key* Basic inheritence questions - error finding from code.(I was probably the only one who had 3 tech rounds. I think I performed pretty well in all of those rounds. Some people had just 1 "almost" tech round with hardly any tech questions popped. Some had 2 tech rounds. However even after 3 super-awesome tech rounds and a cool aptitude test I didn\'t get selected.)What my fellow classmates(some with 1-2 "tech"/HR rounds) were asked:* Did you have lunch?(got selected)* Are you gonna interview at other companies after this?(said a yes! - got selected)MORAL OF THE STORY : THEY SEEM ALLERGIC TO HIRING SMART PEOPLE ! - asked on Sep, 2016 in Mumbai

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  • Question 2: Real time usage of delegate in dotnet? - asked on Aug, 2014 in Chennai
  • Question 1: Telephonic round:Basic oop, c# and .net fundamental. , multithreading TPL - asked on Feb, 2017 in
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