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Asian Paints Researcher interview

I was interviewed on-campus at IIT Kanpur for Researcher role at Asian Paints
Interview Process
Test Technical Interview
Round 1


Test Sections
    Round 2

    Technical Interview

    Interview Questions
      Interview Experience
      We were given a chance to select a subject of our choice. I chose physical chemistry. The interview went on fior 40 minutes. They asked questions from reaction kinetics, reaction equilibirum, quantum chemistry, practical experiences, about my projects, and from various types of spectroscopy such as UV, VIS, IR, NMR, Electroic spectra, etc. It tried to give the answers to my best knowledge. They also asked if I had any knowledge of Asianpaints
      Interview Tips
      Try to be fluent in English.
      Be confident and answer to the best of your knowledge. Don't try to get answers to questions that you do not know

      Skills Tested

        General Tips
        Don't be overconfident about the job. Do not take the job as a burden
        Motivation for applying
        I chose Asian paints because right now it has a huge market in India and abroad. The profile matched my interests
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