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Unisys Associate engineer interview

I was interviewed on-campus for Associate engineer role at Unisys
Interview Process
Resume Shortlist Test Test Test Group Discussion HR Interview Technical Interview
Round 1

Resume Shortlist

Interview Experience
Since it was an on campus recruitment process my resume had to only satisfy the minimum criteria specified by the Company profile. So it wasn't a problem to get my resume shortlisted.
Round 2


Test Sections
  • Section 1: Aptitude/Technical
Interview Experience
It was mentioned that there will be an online aptitude cum technical test for the first round. But there were just very few questions from logical and mathematical aptitude mostly from probability, profilt and loss, distance & time etc. It was mostly a technical aptitude which comprised of 3 parts.Part 1 contained questions based on programming in C, C++, OOPs, DBMS, operating systems, DS, output finding etc. and a few mathematical aptitude questions.Part 2 and 3 were purely technical.
Interview Tips
Please pratice the technical aptitude from various online websites. Geeks for Geeks as reference.
Round 3


Test Sections
  • Section 1: ETSE (English test for software Engineers)
Interview Experience
It was quite interesting and the easiest part for me. They conducted a listening test, passage writing, Interpretation of passages.
Round 4


Test Sections
  • Section 1: Algorithmic writing
Interview Experience
This was a technical round where I was given 5 questions and and i had to describe the given algo and write few pseudo codes in minimum words. There were 3 algorithmic questions (BFS, string searching in very large file and 1 more which i dont remember) and two output finding.
Round 5

Group Discussion

Interview Experience
Round 6

HR Interview

Interview Experience
It was a 15 minutes chat. There were common questions being asked for eg. talk about yourslef, carrer goals, interests, background, future plans etc. (you can always google for common HR questions). Since the person was also from Products development division so she also asked about my project and a few tecnical questions.At last i asked a few querries like the growth opportunities, R & D of Unisys etc.
Interview Tips
Please research a bit about the Company and Job profile before going inisde the room and do ask a few querries, that showa your enthusiasm.
Round 7

Technical Interview

Interview Experience
Tecnical interview went for about 25 minutes. There were quetions from all the common topics like Data structures, Operating system, DBMS, C, C++ and java. He asked bout my interests and started asking questions accordingly.He also made me write a few codes. The codes were not all that tough. Coomon linked lists, sorting codes etc.
Interview Tips
Please study the subjects mentioned and OOP concepts.
The HR will always ask your interests first and act accordingly, so choose and prepare few topics very well.

Skills Tested

  • Technical Skills
  • Programming
  • Confidence
  • Communication skills(major soft skill tested)

Preparation materials

  • Narasimha Karumanchi for Data strucures.,
General Tips
Try to be confident and communicate very well.
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