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TCE Review

AnonymousEnvironmental Engineer with expertize in HumuanatiesWorked for 37.2 years
I have worked at TCE till less than a month back in their Pollution abaitment, Air, Water, Soil, Mitigating ill effects Of globle warming by converting energy division for 37.2 years. My job profile was Environmental Engineer with expertize in Humuanaties. I was working with TCE at their office.
Overall work
Generally speaking my work is enjoyable, valuable to company, intellectual, exciting, satisfying, Working for the peoples' with peoples' participation
In my work, I have to travel outside country
Work days
Monday to Friday
Work timings
10:30 AM to 4:30 PM flexible
Overall job satisfaction
Work-Life balance
Attitude of collegues
Skill development
Office ambience
Free transport, Cafeteria, Free food, Soft skill training, International relocation and Job training.
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