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Surya Roshni Interview Questions and Tips


Surya Roshni management trainee interview

I was interviewed on-campus for management trainee role at Surya Roshni
Interview Process
Resume Shortlist Group Discussion HR Interview Technical Interview Behavorial Interview
Round 1

Resume Shortlist

Interview Experience
Short-listing was based on an application form that the applying candidates had to fill. The short-listing criteria were CPI, co-curricular activities and projects.
Apart from the regular information present in CV, the form included questions like:
1. Any one major leadership role performed in past? If yes, then give a brief about it. 
2. What are your Strengths and Weaknesses?  Why do you want to join Surya? 
3. What are your expectations from Surya? 
4. Company will provide you the exclusive training and give you a rising growth in terms (Designation, Responsibility and Compensation). But IITians are known for their volatile attachment with the organizations. We would like to know your reaction for bond structure.
Interview Tips
Around 20 students were shortlisted, out of which 10 were from MME.
Round 2

Group Discussion

25 Minutes
Group Discussion Topic
Do Indian culture and values need to fear away from Globalization?
Interview Experience
2 groups of 10-11 people each. 10-11 students qualified for the interview.
Interview Tips
1. Initially, 2 minutes were given to think and write down the points in your mind. Each person was asked to speak for one minute. Then discussion started.
2, Define globalization, and Indian values in the beginning.  
3. Work on your communication skills before the placement season. 
4. Attend discussion sessions organized by SPO. 
5. Regularly read the newspapers and be abreast of the current affairs.
Round 3

HR Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: What is your view about IITK academic system?
  • Question 2: Tell me about yourself ?
  • Question 3: What all have you done in your four years here, both academics and other activities?
  • Question 4: If you have a good CPI, why didn’t you opt for higher studies?
  • Question 5: Why this company?
  • Question 6: Summarize what was discussed in GD. Give your opinion on the entire discussion.
  • Question 7: General questions on national and international issues like formation of Telangana, Obama getting Nobel Prize
Interview Experience
Since the GD was based on Indian culture vs. Globalization, questions were asked on the candidate’s opinion on Indian culture: like do you think Yoga is good? If yes, do you practice it? Why not?
Round 4

Technical Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: What are the recent developments in the field of metallurgy?
  • Question 2: Resume-based questions
  • Question 3: Internship-based questions
  • Question 4: List all possible ways of strengthening a material.
  • Question 5: What are the different types of dislocations?
  • Question 6: Questions on BTP (Why this topic? Etc.)
Round 5

Behavorial Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Situation-based questions
Interview Experience
‘Suppose you are working in a team of 4, out of which 1 person does not work at all. At the end of the task, everybody gets equal reward. What will be your reaction to this?’
Interview Tips
He answered that he won’t object to it unless the output/reward is good. If the performance goes down, he would like to object.

Preparation materials

  • MME350,
  • MME370,
  • MME470,
  • TA201,
  • MME310,
  • MME410,
  • IME department courses,
General Tips
1. Read the newspaper before the placement season – you should know at least 2-3 weeks old news up to the current one. 

2. Know about your projects well. 

3. Try having a CPI of at least 7.

4. Have good communication skills, and revise your subjects well.
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