5th Dec, 2014
7:30 AM
Sipping a cup of coffee we were discussing about placements at IITs in general. Pay packages, preparation, new vs old IITs, the intense pressure, the day slots, countless calls to seniors for placement fundaes !
5th Dec, 2014
8:10 AM
We got an idea of how we could solve the painpoint of calling up seniors, asking them for interview questions, company profiles, advice for the interviews, etc. We thought we could solve this problem and lessen the preparation burden. We started building on the product.
11th Dec, 2014
We started compiling reviews from seniors. Got feedback from them. Some really good :) Some bad :( We iterated till we were satisfied and reached a reasonable level for taking in more reviews.
7th Jan, 2015
We reached 100 reviews. Got some really good feedback for the initiative and concept. We partied hard :D Made an action plan for the next month.
18th Jan, 2015
We went LIVE !! and launched our first product. That moment when your sleepless nights are made worthy by some really fantastic reviews. B-) Again collected feedback from people (a lot this time) and iterations in process :)
20th Jan, 2015
We reached 500 reviews. Another reason to party but we din’t :P Thought we could scale this and are reaching out rapidly to a lot of final years who got placed in companies.
10th Feb, 2015
Nominated as the Top 20 Hottest Tech Startups of 2014 by Exhibit Magazine.
17th Feb, 2015
Launched an animated explainer video asking people to share more and more reviews for helping others with their Interview Prep. A lot of appreciation for the video B-) Watch here
19th Feb, 2015
Reached 1000 reviews. More motivation ! Feeling determined :)
21st Feb, 2015
Got featured on YourStory. Check out
X Month, 2015
Waiting for the day when our servers crash :)