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Rotork Technical engineer interview

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I was interviewed on-campus at Anna University Chennai for Technical engineer role at Rotork
Interview Process
Resume Shortlist Technical Interview
Round 1

Resume Shortlist

Interview Experience
It is a very simple round. They looked for Good Projects, Good Managerial Skills like organizing symposiums etc.It seemed like they dint really care about the GPA.
Interview Tips
1.Have a strong resume
2.Organize Many Symposiums

Round 2

Technical Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: What is the need for load flow study.?
  • Question 2: Name two advantages of digital data as compare d to analog data
  • Question 3: Given two switches A and B, design a configur ation which gives a TRUE output only when A and B are both closed. Include any necessary connectio ns to a 5 Volt power supply, show at which point in the circuit you would measure the ou tput voltage and describe the relationship between the voltage measured and the logical values
  • Question 4: The hydraulic steering device of a dish antenna for satellite tracking works by adjusting the elevation using a hydraulic ram. Oil can be pumped into the ram to raise the elevation. The hydraulic seals leak pressure very slowly such that additional oil has to be pumped periodically to maintain a constant elevation. Two output signals are provided by the hydraulic system: ABOVE19 and ABOVE20 which equal 1 whenever the elev ation of the disk is above 19 and 20 degrees respectively from the horizontal. Design a circuit to keep the elevation of the dish between these tw o limits. Your circuit should have an output signal PUMP which equals 1 when you want the pump to increase the hydraulic pressure and hence raise the elevation of the dish.
Interview Experience
It is a very formal technical interview.They started asking me a series of questions from many topics like Digital Electronics,Electronics Circuits,Power systems etc. I was not so good in the areas(Electronic Circuits,Power Systems) which they questioned me and I was trying to take them to my areas of expertise(Digital Electronics etc). It dint turned around to be well. They expected the person to be technically sound in all areas. They cared very much for the attitude of the person.
Interview Tips
1.Be strong in Basics of Electronics/Electrical
2.Try to take the panel towards your area

Skills Tested

  • Electronic Circuits
  • Power Systems
  • Digital Ele
  • Att
  • Basics Of Digital
  • Our Role As A Manager
Skill Tips
1.Be strong in your basic electronics.
General Tips
1.Learn Basic Electronics well<br />
2.Organize Events/Symposiums<br />
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