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Reliance vp interview

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I Applied for job through News Paper advertisement for VP role at Reliance
Interview Process
Resume Shortlist Test Technical Interview HR Interview HR Interview
Round 1

Resume Shortlist

Interview Experience
There was a small advertisement in Times of India. Require Fresh Graduate Engineers from all Disciplines for Reliance Industries ltd for their Petrochemical projects. Several students from college sent the resumes. The rank 2 & 3 were shortlisted and called for Interview in Mumbai Office.
Interview Tips
Academics record did make a difference.
Round 2


Test Sections
  • Section 1: Written Test (Technical)
Interview Experience
There was a written Test purely Technical in nature. The questions were from the Instrumentation subjects. At that point in time there was no aptitude like tests. There were few multiple choice questions and rest were descriptive. It was a 2 hour test.
Interview Tips
You need to prepare well for Technical test
Round 3

Technical Interview

Interview Experience
The interview was purely Technical & very exhaustive. Lost of questions from Control Theory, Loops stability, Control loop design, Various sensors and their functioning, PID controllers and their applications were asked in detail. It was a long interview in which the depth of knowledge was judged. It was all right in one two cases where you say I am aware of basics but further unable to recollect. Interview was conducted in normal conversation like environment making me very comfortable and was able to think and reply.
Interview Tips
Say what you know. Beating around will not help.
Round 4

HR Interview

Interview Experience
HR interview was very simple one. There was no negotiation on salary part. The entire document was ready & printed. There were two things that the HR person was focusing. One, how serious you are to stay with the company for at least 3-5 years span. The reason is that they had planned several training on their upcoming project systems and wanted to make sure the person stays with the company post training. They also discussed the Bond period as 2 years post Training completion. Second he made it clear that you may be placed anywhere in India or abroad. The HR person was very keen to know and confirm these two aspects.
Round 5

HR Interview


Preparation materials

  • Course Materials Should Be Sufficient,
Motivation for applying
Large projects and was the single largest upcoming company in Petrochemicals.
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