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Oracle server technical interview

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I was interviewed on-campus at NIT Surathkal for Server technical role at Oracle
Interview Process
Test Technical Interview HR Interview Technical Interview
Round 1


Interview Experience
Oracle conducts an online test in the beginning of the semester. This test consists of general aptitude, verbal ability, C output type questions.
Many divisions of Oracle visit the campus throughout the semester and all of them use these test scores. So, it is advisable not to miss this test.
For Server Tech profile, around 30 were shortlisted for interviews. Most from CS/IT and few from other branches.
Round 2

Technical Interview

Interview Experience
Interview Round 1 : Explain projects. Questions were asked based on whatever you say your strong topics are. So, be thoroughly prepared with one of them atleast. Was asked about normalisation in DB, basic linked list questions. A guesstimate type question was also asked. 13 were selected for next round.
Interview Round 2 : Network questions, OSI layers, their functioning. Basic topics. A simple puzzle, involved optimising the solution. DSA question, based on trees
Round 3

HR Interview

Interview Experience
Telephonic HR round : Standard questions. Nothing to worry about here.
Round 4

Technical Interview

Interview Experience
Interview Round 3 : 6 were selected for this round. I was asked 3 questions. One based on OS synchronisation concept, one on DSA, and another on logic gates (I know, its out of the ordinary).

Skills Tested

Skill Tips
This is for the software junta. First of all, if you are from CS/IT, there are a plethora of companies coming in the first month itself. So, it is important to be prepared beforehand. Make good use of your summer. I cannot overstate the importance of DSA in placements. Please go through Karumanchi and/or geeksforgeeks. Both of them are equally good. At the same time, brush up the other fundamentals : DB, OS, Networks.

Preparation materials

  • Head first Java,
  • DSA made easy : Narasimha Karumanchi,
General Tips
To even have a sniff at getting placed, clearing the first round is mandatory. I have seen many deserving people falter in the first round. So, please don't overlook this. Let Us C and Test your C Skills by Yeshwant Kanetkar are the best for this purpose. Many companies lift questions straight off these books. <br />
Do NOT ignore general aptitude. We all think we are good at it, until we realise there are many others who are better. So, practice from aptitude books, online resources.Again, please make good use of your summer. Otherwise, you'll be playing catch up for the first few weeks, like me.<br />
Placements are probably the most challenging experience for most of us in college. If you've got a PPO, nothing like it.<br />
It will be very exhausting. You may feel like giving up. Endless PPTs, interviews etc. But, never lose your determination and you will be rewarded for your hard work.<br />
And the joy after getting placed. <br />
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