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Senior Systems Engineer Interview Questions and Tips

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Infosys senior systems engineer interview

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I Applied for job through Campus recruitments for Senior Systems Engineer role at Infosys
Interview Process
Test HR Interview
Round 1


Test Sections
  • Section 1: Written test
Interview Experience
Infosys written test has 40% of reasoning,40% of English and 20% of aptitude. For English we can prepare Wren and martin.
For Reasoning and aptitude we can prepare by solving R.S Agarwal Quantitative aptitude book R.S.Agarwal Logical and reasoning book.
Interview Tips
In the written test most marks can be scored by solving the comprehension. Do read the questions first and then try reading the paragraphs.I also solved books of TIME. Two months of preparation is enough before interview.Time management is very important during written test.
Round 2

HR Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: What are your hobbies?
  • Question 2: Tell the route from home to your college?
  • Question 3: Profession of your parents?
  • Question 4: Presented any Papers?
  • Question 5: Project description?
Interview Experience
My HR Interview lasted for 30 mins. HR asked e about 10-15 questions. Mostly based upon your RESUME. One of my hobby was gardening HR asked me how to cut a plant for better growth. So choose your hobbies carefully in which you have minimum knowledge. HR asked about the route from my home to college I said few landmarks and main places. They will ask your parents and siblings profession. Ensure you have knowledge about their profession. At-least two Paper presentation needs to be presented during your graduation in different college festivals. Have complete knowledge about your Projects.
Interview Tips
Dress sharp, wear flats, comb hair neatly and most importantly be confident. Your body language and posture matters a lot. Wear formal's and before entering HR room ask for permission. Maintain eye contact it shows your confidence.
General Tips
Confidence , good preparation and pro activeness
Motivation for applying
Infosys is one of the leading company which is known for its values. This was the first MNC which visisted our college for campus recruitment.
Funny Moments
1.HR saw my photograph and asked is this really you? I was thin in during the time of interview and little bit chubby in the photograph.

2. As soon as it was announced that I was sleeted i jumped with joy and hugged my friend
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