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HP senior research and development engineer interview

Prashant Kumar SinhaFresherSelected
I was interviewed on-campus at IIT Guwahati for Senior Research and Development Engineer role at HP
Interview Process
Test Technical Interview
Round 1


75 Minutes
Test Sections
  • Section 1: Aptitude (20 Questions)
  • Section 2: C++/Java (OOPs) (22 Questions)
  • Section 3: Operating System and Networking (8 Questions)
Interview Experience
Standard Aptitude Questions.
Output questions in OOPs.
Time Limit in each of the sections.
Difficulty Level :Moderate
Interview Tips
Prepare for OOPs.
Round 2

Technical Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Tell me about yourself ?
  • Question 2: Questions on Projects (B.Tech Project) and Internship Experience .
  • Question 3: Find if duplicates exist in a Linked List? (With and Without using extra space)
  • Question 4: OOPs(Abstract Class,Pure Virtual Functions), Mutable and Immutable in C++.
  • Question 5: Asked me give my own Task Scheduling Algorithm and improve it further.
  • Question 6: Supervised and Unsupervised Learning with examples .
  • Question 7: Asked to critique my current B.Tech Project.
  • Question 8: Questions on BIT Operators in C++ .
Interview Experience
Answering all the question perfectly was not important they were checking your approach in open ended questions like Task Scheduler. Do prepare for OOPs they ask a lot of questions on that. It very important how are presenting your projects to them. They were looking for projects in which you have Hardware and Software experience at the same time. Questions on BIT operators were asked to my friends. There were 4 rounds 3 technical and 1 HR +Technical .
Interview Tips
Prepare your Resume thoroughly.

Skills Tested

  • Basics Of Machine Learning
  • Operating System Basics
  • C++
  • Basic C/C++
  • OOPS Using C++

Preparation materials

  • Coding Interview Questions : Narasimha Karumanchi,
  • Data Structures And Algorithms,
General Tips
Keep Calm.
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