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Bhabha Atomic Research Centre ( BARC ) scientific officer interview

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I Applied for job through Personal Contacts for Scientific Officer role at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre ( BARC )
Interview Process
Test Technical Interview
Round 1


Interview Experience
For Direct Interview - Should have min GATE cutoff score decided by BARC (Changes every year).
Written test for ones who did not write GATE or did not have enough GATE score.
Round 2

Technical Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: What is hagen poiseuille equation and when can it be used
  • Question 2: What is bernoulli's equation and its limitations.
  • Question 3: A logical question regarding fluid flow between two tanks placed at different heights.
  • Question 4: Pump characteristic curves and the relations
  • Question 5: Different types of valves for fluid flow control
  • Question 6: Heat transfer basic questions
  • Question 7: Type of heat exchangers and their selection criteria
  • Question 8: Design methodology for heat exchnager
  • Question 9: Co-current and counter current heat exchanger temperature profiles
  • Question 10: Velocity profiles inside pipeline and boundary layer formations
  • Question 11: Various phases in heating liquid
  • Question 12: Diffusion basics
  • Question 13: Mccabe Thiele method and its assumptions
  • Question 14: Cooling towers priciple
  • Question 15: Gas absorption and Stripping profiles
  • Question 16: What is a daily used CSTR type equipment in kitchen
Interview Experience
As its been more than 6 years that I had gone through this interview, the above were some of the questions I could recall. The interview went for around 50 min. The committee firstly asks our favorite 3-4 subjects. I chose Fluid mechanics(FM), Heat Transfer(HT), Mass Transfer(MTO), Thermodynamics and Chemical Reaction Engg(CRE) in the given order f preference. The committee would normally have 5-6 members. First 15 minutes the questions were regarding FM, then 15 minutes regarding HT and further 10 min for MTO, last 10 min thermodynamics and CRE which I totally screwed up. The weightage lies with the performance in first three subjects you chose as favorite. The committee is really friendly.They do not pressurize nor try to confuse you. They always give hints to go in the right path. I have stumbled alot in between, but the committee was quite supportive in getting answers from me. After the interview was over, I came out and in 2 min, the attender came out and gave me the medical examination chit. At that time (2009), getting a medical slip gives 90% chances of getting the job. Presently I think getting medical slip gives 50% chances of getting the job.
Interview Tips
Don't think that your academic history would impress them. You selection totally is based on your performance in the interview. Be thorough with the basics of all the core subjects and wisely choose the fav subjects. Always try to understand the hints given by the committee. All they expect is that if the candidate can relate the theory to practical or not. And if you have zero idea about a question do not hesitate to confront rather than blabbering something wrong.

Skills Tested

Skill Tips
Just brush up the basics. No need to remember all the formulas and equations. I just read Mccabe Smith before the interview.

Preparation materials

  • MCcabe smith,
  • Any Gate Preperation Material,
General Tips
Communication skills do not matter in this interview.
Motivation for applying
Scope for exploring new fields, salary Package
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