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Microsoft program manager interview

I was interviewed on-campus for program manager role at Microsoft
Interview Process
Test Problem Statement Technical Interview
Round 1


Interview Experience
1) Objective Paper - i)Basic C questions
ii) DS questions covering Graphs and Trees
iii) Analysis of Algo. Questions.
iv) There were more but I can’t remember
Round 2

Problem Statement

Interview Experience
I attempted question Number 3 very well which was also brought up in my 3rd tech Interview. It was what got me through I assume.

Screening Test: 6-8 people in a room were taken and were given the following problem to solve -
“ There are two given sorted Linked lists. Merge them to form a single sorted Linked list. In case of duplicates, delete copies”
In one batch, people were also told to write test cases.
Interview Tips
Speed, Accuracy and Covering as many cases which may arise as possible in the code
Points where every VJTIan committed mistakes - !) In case of duplicates, only one node was inserted into the single linked list, but nobody freed up the memory of the other node by using free. they expect that.
2) modularization - In case one of the linked lists is over, we simply append the remaining elements of the other array into the single linked list. This was expected to be done by a single function taking parameters.

Why I cleared - Finished Coding around 12 mins before everybody and committed no mistakes which others made. The above two are the only things I didn’t do
Round 3

Technical Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Tell me about your projects 2) Show me how Binary search works
  • Question 2: Show me how Binary search works
  • Question 3: What is its complexity
  • Question 4: When a sorted array is ‘Rotated’, its last element becomes the first element and the remaining elements shift to the right. Write a function which takes an input array and returns the no. of times an array has been rotated
  • Question 5: ) Implement the above with logarithmic Complexity
  • Question 6: Write Code for Binary Search
  • Question 7: Write Test Cases for Your function and Binary Search
  • Question 8: Final interview: 1) Why do you want to be a PM
  • Question 9: If you are selected, what would you want to work on at Microsoft and why
  • Question 10: Design the Navigation system (Forward and Back Buttons) of a Net Browser with Data Structures
  • Question 11: Design a remote of 5 keys, what would you do
  • Question 12: Write an API for a button
Interview Experience
No. 2 - 1) Design an Offline Browsing Experience
An one and half hour discussion was held on this, where he asked me Line of thought in designing the product, the thinking behind various proposed features, Made changes in the requirements, told to propose new features as per new requirements for at least 4 features, How will you implement the feature - show UI and block Diagram, what data structures will you use for the feature etc etc.
Was checking Designing aptitude and how many new features proposed

No 3 - 1)How will you implement an N-ary tree (N has no limit) and write code for BFS on that N-ary tree based on the implementation
Gave her Three implementations. She only settled for the one which She wanted
2) Write code foe the node of the tree and the above BFS

3) The weight of the node is given as Value of node*level of node. Write a function which returns the address of a node with the MAXWEIGHT in a binary tree
I gave Non-recursive solution. She then asked for a recursive solution
Code for both Recursive and Non-recursive she made me write

4) Given an array of n elements which have numbers in the range of 0 to n-1, find if the array has any duplicate elements

5) Write code to return position of the duplicate element
Was just checking coding knowledge
Interview Tips
1) Accuracy is not very important, approach is. If you are wrong, you should be able to tell why you are wrong before the interviewer tells you. The interviewers help a lot, but getting the correct solution is required
2) Write as tight code as possible in aptis and interviews. From freeing nodes, to returning boolean instead of Int, to Using struct instead of two separate variables, every bit of efficiency is appreciated and earns you a lot of points
3) Keenness to learn is a very important quality which they see when they are considering a PM candidate. It is hard to fake that. They usually deduce it by the way you talk.
4) For PM, they take the ‘Do you have a question for me’ very very seriously. Ask genuine questions and don’t ask rubbish. People are usually good and teach you a lot when you ask them good questions
5) The Microsoft process is meticulous and you will enjoy it if you love solving puzzles. An opportunity to show your talent or aptitude is given to you if you ask.
6) For people looking for PM, read a lot(Newspapers/tech blogs/technologies), think a lot - that’s all you can do for it.

Skills Tested

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