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Schlumberger field engineer, wireline interview

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I Applied for job through Company website for Field Engineer, Wireline role at Schlumberger
Interview Process
Resume Shortlist Group Discussion HR Interview
Round 1

Resume Shortlist

Interview Experience
On campus, I was selected for Wipro Technologies. Not very satisfied with the work at Wipro, I applied off campus to Schlumberger on their career website. The website contains videos and letters from current Field Engineer explaining the work and their life style. During the year 2013, Schlumberger had secured a mega contract in India and were recruiting heavily. It was one of a kind opportunity, as Schlumberger never recruits off campus. The resume was uploaded on their career website, with many other details that companies generally ask like, about education, prior work experience, hometown, languages known and hobbies. After a wait of around 2 months, I finally recieved a mail from the company HR inviting me to the interview process in Mumbai.
Interview Tips
For graduates with very little or no experience, a 1 page resume should be good enough. SLB looks at everything. They want the recruits for position of field engineer to be all rounders in different fields. A candidate with decent academic record and proven ability of managerial/ leadership skills has a good shot at getting through the resume selection process.
In short (not mandatory)
- CGPA > 7
- Positions of Responsibilities
- Extracurriculars - Can include anything dance, sports, music, mimicry, art, etc.
Round 2

Group Discussion

Group Discussion Topic
Describe the word "Platform"
Interview Experience
There were more than 200 people interviewing the same day. Ofcourse, the first round would be Group Discussion followed by Personal Interview. The India HR head gave a presentation about Schlumberger, explaining the work it does, the regions it operates in and also provided an overview of the typical field engineer profile. Following this, we were divided into groups of 10.
Interview Tips
Mostly Schlumberger gives very abstract topics to candidates for the group discussion. Most of these abstract topics are rather equipment or places or things that are work related in SLB. Platform for example, is a place where the oil drilling and productions happens. The topic however and what you say is not very important. During the entire group discussion, try to be productive as a team. Bring creative and new ideas to the table, and extend or elaborate on what other says. They also look for people who take on the role of leadership during the group discussion. Classic GD fundaes apply.
Round 3

HR Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Tell me about yourself?
  • Question 2: What was your final year project?
  • Question 3: What kinds of books do you read?
  • Question 4: What do you know abt SLB?
  • Question 5: What do you know about the lifestyle of field engineer?
  • Question 6: How would you fix a flat tire?
Interview Experience
It was a simple HR interview with the most important question being "Tell me about yourself". I was being interviewed by two ladies, one was the India HR Head and the other India Equipment Assurance manager. Both big shots. I had prepared very hard for this interview and was very confident about cracking it from the very start. To my surprise, the HR head was a Civil Engineer herself and took deep interest in my final year project. I elaborated and explained her the entire thing. She was happy. Then they moved to ask my why SLB and question on about my interest in working as field engineer. From the career website, I had great idea about what SLB engineers did. Many other website on recruitment and oil and gas, explained in detailed about how the tough it could be in the field. I had also read blogs from many ex-SLB engineers. All in all, I proved to have a good understanding of what SLB + engineers do in the field, and how demanding the job can be. This I guess, confirmed my seat.
Interview Tips
Prepare well like you would for any interview. SLB interviews are the most relaxed ones you will attend across any industry. It is a simple HR round, where the recruiters are understanding you and what drives you. They are looking people who are ready to push their limits, work hard and be extraordinary achievers. Being associated to some leadership role in university, playing sports or having a keen hobby can be a good talking point during the interview. SLB also really looks to hire interesting people.
SLB hires people for the long run. They want people to stick it out in the field for 3-4 years and then they promote every one to managers. Know the job profile in and out by speaking to seniors, reading on their website and other blogs. During the interview show interest in learning about the what the 3-4 years in the field will look like. Ask several questions on segment, training, field experience, compensation, etc.
It is a tough job out in the field, and not every one can do it. Many people struggle after joining the company and quit after the 1st year of just training. It demands long working hours, sometimes physical work and always a lot of troubleshooting.

Skills Tested

  • Leadership
  • Technical Understanding
  • Learning Ability
General Tips
Be confident during the entire interview process. Know what you are getting into as field engineer. Explain the interviewers why you will be a good fit as field engineer in the super demanding conditions.
Motivation for applying
Money. Lifestyle. Go International. Brand Name. Work.
Funny Moments
There have been plenty ups and downs in the past 3 memorable years. Do not regret ever that I joined SLB.
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