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Ernst & Young ca article interview

Spoorthi HegdeFresherSelected
I was interviewed on-campus at HR College of Commerce and Economics for CA Article role at Ernst & Young
Interview Process
Test HR Interview Technical Interview
Round 1


60 minutes Minutes
Interview Experience
It was a fairly easy test based on Logical Reasoning,Basic Mathematics and General Questions on Accounting.
Interview Tips
A little brush up on the above mentioned areas a few days before the interview should suffice.
Round 2

HR Interview

Interview Experience
They had come on campus only for Audit.Basic Questions about yourself,your family and the reason for doing CA/choosing E&Y over others was asked.It might get overwhelming for a few when they grill you in detail about everything.They asked me about my preference of area(Service sector/Manufacturing/Financial services) in Audit.When I said that I had no such preference and I did not have much idea regarding the same,she explained about all the three.Nothing much technical here,more general.
Interview Tips
Smile,Be Confident(Not Overconfident!) about what you're speaking irrespective of the fact of whether or not you know the right answer.State clearly your preferences and conditions(if any) regarding travel restrictions because you will not be allowed to back out once you opt for it.Clear all your doubts regarding the scope of work,remuneration(though not suggested) with the HR team itself.
Round 3

Technical Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Why was the New Companies Act 2013 introduced in place of Companies Act 1956?
  • Question 2: List out all the Accounting Standards that you know of.What is your favorite?Mention any 2 or 3.
  • Question 3: Once you choose your favorites, questions will be asked on those( and others too).
  • Question 4: What are the differences b/w Purchase Method and Pooling of Interests Method in Accounting of Amalgamation(AS 14)?
  • Question 5: A case study was asked on AS 19 which was of CA Final.I just answered by stating the definitions of Operating Lease and Finance Lease and made an attempt which proved to be wrong.
  • Question 6: State AS 4 AND AS 5.
Interview Experience
I chose the Service sector(as I was told it's more suited for girls as it did not involve much field work).This was the toughest part among all, if I had to choose among the three.Your concepts must be clear about the area that you choose(TAX/AUDIT). The first thing that they ask you is why Audit.Then she gave different case studies testing my knowledge in Accounting Standards.She also asked me a few questions on The Companies Act 2013.
Interview Tips
Make sure that you are clear with all the AS, SAs and Company Law.Be ready for twisted questions- some might even be out of our syllabus. In such case, politely inform the interviewer that you do not know the answer. Do not try to be over smart as most of them are highly qualified and Experienced CAs. In case you have particular doubts regarding that sector(in my example,Services), clear it with them.

Skills Tested

Skill Tips
Make sure you brush up with all the Accounting Standards,Standards on Auditing and Company Law(as much as possible).Go through a few case studies on all the three in case they decide to twist and ask you the questions.

Preparation materials

  • ICAI Study Material,
  • Practice Manual,
General Tips
Be ready to travel a LOT if you choose to be in Audit.

The daily timings(specially the "out" of the office timings) are not fixed and may extending till late night.

Saturdays are officially off but you may be asked to come if there's work.
Motivation for applying
It's a "BIG 4".The tag itself is quite motivating but the main reason behind me applying for the same was to experience what an interview would be like and to get a few doubts cleared about how they actually work and expect us to work on first hand basis before zeroing in on whether I should join a BIG 4 or a mid size CA firm.
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