ASSISTANT TRAINEE Interview Questions and Tips

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TCS assistant trainee interview

I was interviewed on-campus at IMS Engineering College for ASSISTANT TRAINEE role at TCS
Interview Process
Test Interview Interview Interview
Round 1


90 Minutes
No. of Questions
30 + 1 questions
Test Sections
  • Section 1: Email writing
  • Section 2: Aptitude test
Interview Experience
In email writing one question was given describing the situation and maximum word limit. It has the keywords given to be used. 1 question, 10 minutes.This section is generally used to check your verbal ability. Make sure to use all the keywords given and complete it within time, with no spelling mistakes of course. Missing a keyword or a spelling mistake could be your goodbye to qualified list.The second section had 30 questions of quantitative aptitude. Duration 70 mins. There are questions from various sections, such as Time and speed, Time and distance, Data interpretation,etc.There are 2-3 star marked questions which have more weight-age. There my also be a dummy question who doesn't have any matching answer. Make sure uh don't attempt these questions.26-27 questions is the cut-off for qualified list.But you have to do the email writing part correctly.
Interview Tips
Practice email writing online from various websites such as, indiageeks.comPractice quantitative aptitude as it is a must in any interview you will face. you can use R.S.Agarwal or CAT material.
Round 2


Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Tell me about yourself?
  • Question 2: What are the subjects you have command in?
  • Question 3: Tell me about your final year project?
  • Question 4: Tell me about the industrial training you had?
  • Question 5: How does an induction motor works?
  • Question 6: Why motor is rated in KW whereas Transformer and generator in KVA?
  • Question 7: What is the type of motor used in ceiling fans?
  • Question 8: Hoe does a thermal power plant works?
  • Question 9: Write a program to make a GP
  • Question 10: Write a program to print factorial using recursion
  • Question 11: Write the logic to reverse a string without using string fnctions
Interview Experience
Greeting the interviewer is a must. Be confident and enthusiastic. Have your resume properly ready. Technical questions from your subject will be asked. Not a must that you should know any programming language like C, C++, JAVA.
Interview Tips
Prepare 3-4 subjects of your core branch. Never try to flatter the interviewer. Be confident and answer the questions appropriately. Dont say directly " I DON'T KNOW". Atleast try even if you dont know the answer.
Round 3


Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Tell me about yourself?
  • Question 2: What are your hobbies?
  • Question 3: Apart from your technical pat and studies what have you done in college?
  • Question 4: What do you prefer, ethics or values?
  • Question 5: Suppose you are working in office and somebody came and slapped you, what will you do?
Interview Experience
There are certain questions which doesnt have direct answers. You have to be diplomatic about them. You should be able to see all the possible situation when a question like that is asked.
Round 4


Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Tell me about yourself for 5 minutes
  • Question 2: What are your views about Mr. Narendra Modi as PM of India
  • Question 3: Any extra curricular activities you have participated in school or college
  • Question 4: What are your strengths?
  • Question 5: What are your weaknesses?
  • Question 6: Being an Electrical engineer why do you want to join an IT company
  • Question 7: What do you know about TCS?
Interview Experience
The HR head may manipulate you, try to stress you, etc. Be calm and confident.Think before you speak. Prepare your answers before hand for general questions. Write your introduction on a paper and prepare it well so that you speak it confidently...
Interview Tips
Be yourself. Be confident. Never argue with the interviewer.All the best

Skills Tested

Skill Tips

Preparation materials

  • CL material for CAT,
  • RS agarwal quantitative aptitude,
  • Technical books,
General Tips
Be presentable in the interview. Wear a watch. Show respect to the interviewer. Prepare 3-4 technical subjects well. Read last 15 days newspaper. Be confident when you speak. Improve your English if you are weak in it.
Motivation for applying
TCS is a semi government company with a decent package and high job security.
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TCS assistant trainee interview

AyushFresherNot Selected
I was interviewed on-campus at Vidyalankar Institute of Technology Mumbai for ASSISTANT TRAINEE role at TCS
Interview Process
Technical Interview HR Interview
Round 1

Technical Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Explain your projects
  • Question 2: write a html code for form validation
  • Question 3: basic sql queries
Interview Experience
Good , revise projects and be confident
Round 2

HR Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Tell me about yourself
  • Question 2: Asked questions on my resume
  • Question 3: will you relocate
Interview Experience
Be frank and Confident.
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