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Amazon area manager interview

Arko BasakFresherSelected
I was interviewed on-campus at IIT Kharagpur for Area Manager role at Amazon
Interview Process
Resume Shortlist Technical Interview Behavioural Interview HR Interview
Round 1

Resume Shortlist

Interview Experience
They shortlisted about 30 people from around 700 applications on the basis of CGPA, Internships, Projects. PORs and Extra Curricular Activities weren't much important to them.
Interview Tips
Keep a safe CGPA above 8.
Round 2

Technical Interview

Interview Experience
Mostly they grilled me on my Projects and internships. A strategy based warehouse case study was to be solved. Since I was from Industrial Engineering background they asked me on a scheduling problem. And lastly a few puzzles and they kept on increasing the intensity at each question. Later on, he asked me why not go for a MS or PhD and a situation where you have put mind over matter.
Interview Tips
Most of the interviewers were very cool and friendly. DO NOT PANIC.
Round 3

Behavioural Interview

Interview Experience
They were simple life oriented questions. He asked me about my previous projects and BTP. Tell me about a situation you failed and why? Tell me a situation where you leaded a project? What experience do you have in industry? Why an e-commerce?
Interview Tips
Confidence is the key.
Round 4

HR Interview

Interview Experience
Regular HR questions. Again a puzzle. Tell me about a situation where the project was going downhill but you took that to another level from that. They told me about the working hours and asked me for a location preference.
Interview Tips
Show your zeal. Dont fumble.
Motivation for applying
The best E-commerce to work for. And there is no place better ti gain such excellent management skills
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