AIM (Analytics and Information Management) for BSG (Business Solution Group)

AIM (Analytics and Information Management) for BSG (Business Solution Group) Interview Questions and Tips

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Cognizant aim-bsg interview

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I was interviewed on-campus at IIT Kharagpur for AIM-BSG role at Cognizant
Interview Process
Test Technical Interview HR Interview
Round 1


Test Sections
  • Section 1: Quant
  • Section 2: English
  • Section 3: Statistics
Interview Experience
Simple CAT type question.
Round 2

Technical Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Started with "Tell me about yourself".
  • Question 2: What's your contribution in YES Bank Case Study Competitions?
  • Question 3: Different ways of valuation of intangible assets? (NPV, IRR, DCF)
  • Question 4: What is Poisson distribution?
  • Question 5: List all kinds of Distribution in probability and their mean and variance.
  • Question 6: Draw Bells Curve. Locate Mean, median, mode on the curve.
  • Question 7: Normal Distribution, How to arrive at Standard Normal Distribution?
  • Question 8: Central Limit Theorem.
  • Question 9: Puzzle1 - 3L and 5L bucket, how to gt 4 L? Puzzle2 - 50 red balls and 50 blue balls? To maximize the probability of finding the red ball, by distributing them in 5 baskets.
  • Question 10: Guesstimate - number of airplanes flying in air in India per hour
Interview Tips
- keep your cool and don't listen to idoits spreading rumours that company was asking this or that.

- have a smile on your face during interview

- keep eye contact with interviewer

- don't deviate from your point even if interview wants to prove you wrong on guesstimate

Round 3

HR Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Tell me about yourself.
  • Question 2: What have you done in 19th World Business Dialogue Project in Germany? She said, she is very much impressed by my work and asked why that has not been implemented on Frankfurt International Airport. This would work miracle for any of the Indian Airport.
  • Question 3: You have traveled a lot to Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy etc., are you ready to travel with us?
  • Question 4: Preference about job location.
  • Question 5: Depending on your project and performance, we may have the chance of going to US. Do you have the passport with you right now, can I see that?
  • Question 6: Do you have any question to ask? (Would you mind me walking through a typical day at Congizant?)
Interview Experience
I thought this one would be again technical interview as other students were having. Whats neural network, MC?

But mine was simple HR question.

I had already given 15 companies interview and I was fully saturated, running to Nalanda Complex from day 0. But still, had to fight to get the job.

Had started preparing for Placements since August. Had done GDs, Current Affairs, Case Study (Case interview Cracked + Victor Cheng), Guesstimates from Quora, Puzzles (400 puzzles, heard on wall street, placement questions of IIT Kanpur). Wanted to go in consulting company but due to certain constraints (nepotism and favourism by placecoms and Companies), had to settle with Cognizant. But, from my own side, I had given 100% effort.
Interview Tips
Make a good peer group for placement preparation. I used to have regular GD, discussion on current affairs, cases, guesstimates etc.

During placements, when thing would not be going in right direction, talking with your good friend instills a sense of confidence and a fighting spirit.

Its a backup - will see for off campus job, CAT result

Thanks to wingmates - Anup Mahakud, Gautam, Bharat and Ashutosh Prakash.
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