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ZS Associates is one of the world's largest business services firms specializing in transforming sales and marketing from an art to a science. We help clients gain market share at lower cost. We do so by creating data-driven strategies that they can implement rapidly and by taking on sales and marketing operations to make them more competitive.
With 21 offices around the world, we have worked with more thanĀ 1,200 companies in 70 countries across consumer products, energy, high-tech, insurance, medical products and services, pharmaceuticals and other industries.


Our mission is to help companies accelerate business performance by providing consulting, capability building and outsourcing services that drive sales and marketing excellence.

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ZS Associates Business operations analyst interview

Kaustubh GoswamiFresherNot Selected
I was interviewed on-campus at MIT college of engineering for Business operations analyst role at ZS Associates in Sep, 2016
Interview Process
Technical Interview
Round 1

Technical Interview

Interview Experience
This was my first interview for a job in campus. I had already cleared 3 earlier rounds of selection before I had reached here. So this experience was something very new to me. I was asked to approximately calculate values for a building's painting work. I, in a jiffy solved it but I had no clue about the rates of paints needed which meant that everything looked way out of scale. But I kept a cool head and asked the interviewer to test me once again because I knew I had it in me for the job. The interviewer was impressed with my attitude and he happily gave me another problem to solve. This time I got it right and I was selected for the HR round. Unluckily I couldn't get through this last round but it was one heck of a day. Interviews are tough only if you doubt your ownself. Feel free and be yourself and it eventually will reap the sweet fruits.
Interview Tips
Be yourself and don't be nervous to ask for time if you ever get stuck and you know you can get there. Interviewers not just check your skills but your ability to handle pressure with ease.
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ZS Associates team

Andy Zoltners

Past: Professor- University of Massachusetts, Professor - Kellogg School of ManagementEducation : Ph.D.- Carnegie-Mellon UniversityLocation: Chicago

Prabha Sinha

Past: Associate Professor - Kellogg School of ManagementEducation : Ph.D.,University of Massachusetts and graduated from the IIT, Kharagpur.Location: Evanston, Illinois

Chris Wright

Managing Director
Past: leader- ZS's global Pharmaceuticals practiceEducation : BS - Indiana University, MBA- Northwestern UniversityLocation: Chicago

Jaideep Bajaj

Past: leader- U.S. Pharmaceuticals industry group, Managing Principal - Princeton officeEducation : BS- IIT, MS.- Columbia University, MBA-Northwestern UniversityLocation: New York City

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