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http://www.tatasteel.com/110 Years Old
Mumbai, IndiaMining & Metals
10000+ EmployeesPublic company

About TATA Steel

Tata Steel is among the top ten global Steel companies with a crude steel production capacity of nearly 30 million tonnes per annum (mtpa). A Fortune 500 company, the Tata Steel Group is the world’s second most geographically diversified steel producer, employing over 80,000 people across five continents in nearly 50 countries.Operating companies within the Group include Tata Steel Limited (India), Tata Steel Europe Limited, NatSteel, and Tata Steel Thailand. Tata Steel’s larger production facilities include those in India, the UK, the Netherlands, Thailand, Singapore, China and Australia. Tata Steel founded India’s first industrial city, now Jamshedpur, where it established Asia’s first integrated Steel plant in 1907.The Jamshedpur Works currently comprises a 9.7 mtpa crude steel production facility and a variety of finishing mills. The Company also possesses and operates captive mines.Tata Steel endeavours to improve the quality of life in the communities in which the company operates and was founded on the philosophy that society is not just another stakeholder in its business but is, in fact, the prime purpose of its existence. credits: www.linkedin.com


To be the global steel industry benchmark for Value Creation and Corporate Citizenship credits: www.tatasteel.com

TATA Steel story

The beginning
J.N.Tata attended a lecture by Thomas Carlyle (British writer) in Manchester. Carlyle's statement "the nation which gains control of iron, soon acquires control of gold" had a profound effect on J.N. Tata, exposing him to the idea of setting up a steel mill in India. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Major Mahon's Report
Major Mahon gave a report that recommended promotion of steel industry in India. Consequently, Lord Curzon the Viceroy liberalised the licensing system thus providing J.N. Tata with a golden opportunity to start a steel mill in India. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Tata Iron and Steel Company Floated
Tata Iron & Steel was registered as a company. credits: www.tatasteel.com
The Greater Extension Scheme
Launched greater extension scheme to raise capacity to 4,50,000 tonnes. credits: www.tatasteel.com
India's First Steel (coke) Plant
India's first steel (coke) plant was established in Jamshedpur as an enterprise financed by Indian capital and built by Indian workers. A dream came true for India's economic independence and India's dream of Swadeshi saw its fruition through the establishment. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Technical Institute of Tata Steel
Jamshedpur Technical Institute of Tata Steel opened with 23 students on the roll. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Tisco Review Published
Tisco Review, a bilingual in-house magazine commenced publication credits: www.tatasteel.com
J. R. D. Tata becomes Chairman
J. R. D. Tata succeeded Sir N. B. Saklatvala as the Chairman of the Company credits: www.tatasteel.com
Tatanagar Tank for WW II
The Tatanagar Tank ,Indian Army's faithful friend was built to be used in World War II. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Construction of Howrah Bridge
Howrah Bridge was constructed from steel supplied by the Company. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Two Million Tonne Expansion
Agreement signed with Kaiser Engineers for two million tonne expansion programme. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Golden Jubilee Celebrations
On completion of 50 years of the Company's existence,Jubilee Park was dedicated to the Nation. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Amalgamation with West Bokaro Limited
Tata Steel amalgamated with West Bokaro Limited for Coal Mine Operations. credits: www.tatasteel.com
The Tata Steel Rural Development Society
The Tata Steel Rural Development Society (TSRDS) was set up and five-year rural development programme for upliftment of the villages around Jamshedpur was taken up. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Indian Tube Company & Tata Steel Merged
Merger of the Indian tube company with Tata Steel took place. credits: www.tatasteel.com
JRD Tata Becomes Chairman Emeritus
JRD Tata becomes Chairman Emeritus after guiding Tata Steel as Chairman for 46 years. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Ratan N. Tata becomes Chairman
Mr. Ratan N. Tata took over as Chairman from J.R.D. Tata. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Production of Stamp Charged Batteries
Tata Steel started producing Stamp charged batteries 6 & 7. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Capacity Expansion
Achieved 3 million tonnes capacity of steel production in 1995. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award
Tata Bearings division was awarded the "Best of all" Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award credits: en.wikipedia.org
Cold Rolling Mill Complex Commissioned
As a first step towards expansion and modernisation,Cold Rolling Mill Complex weighing 1.2 million tonnes was inaugurated. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Prime Minister's Trophy
Tata Steel was conferred the Prime Minister's Trophy for the Best Integrated Steel Plant for the third consecutive year. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Vision 2007
Vision - 2007 was launched with a lot of promise and to re-define its performance parameters in a number of ways to become the global steel industry benchmark . credits: www.tatasteel.com
ASPIRE Launched
ASPIRE - the quality journey of Tata Steel along with the one million tonne expansion project was launched . credits: www.tatasteel.com
Acquisition of Indian Steel Wire Products
The Indian Steel Wire Products Company was acquired at Jamshedpur credits: www.tatasteel.com
JUSCO Formed
Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Company Limited (JUSCO) was established credits: www.tatasteel.com
Projects galore
Agreements signed to invest in Natsteel, Singapore and in a 6 million tonne project in Orissa, India. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Fifth largest steel producing Company
Tata Steel becomes the fifth largest steel producing Company in the world. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Tisco becomes Tata Steel
Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited (TISCO) is renamed into Tata Steel. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Five million tonne Steel Plant
The compnay signed an MoU for setting up a five-million tonne per annum Greenfield integrated steel plant in the Jagdalpur district of Chhattisgarh. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Collaboration with Blue Scope Steel Ltd.
Tata Steel collaborated with Blue Scope Steel Ltd.,Australia to start a joint venture for quoted steel manufacturing facility. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Agreement with Carborough Downs
Tata Steel acquired stakes in the Australian coal mines. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Met Coke Manufacturing
Met coke manufacturing facility was set up in West Bengal,India credits: www.tatasteel.com
Twelve million tonne Steel Plant
The company signed a MoU with the Government of Jharkhand for for doubling the Jamshedpur steel plant capacity to 10 MTPA.and setting up a 12-million tonnes per annum Greenfield integrated steel plant in the Manoharpur and Chandil areas of Jharkhand. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Signed Definitive Agreement
Tata Steel signed Definitive Agreement with Cementhai Holding Company to acquire shares and invest equity in the Milennium Steel, Thailand. credits: www.tatasteel.com
West Bokaro Division achieves a Milestone
West Bokaro Division of Tata Steel achieved a historical milestone by producing and despatching clean coal at 13% ash to the Company's steel works in Jamshedpur in 2006. credits: www.tatasteel.com
India's First Automated Jigging and Hydrocyclone Plant
India's first automated Jigging and Hydrocyclone Plant, with a 1.6 MTPA throughput, was inaugurated at Noamundi Iron Mines. credits: www.tatasteel.com
World's Best Steel Maker
Tata Steel was declared 'World's Best Steel Maker' by the World Steel Dynamics (WSD) for the third time. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Ferro Chrome Plant Initiated at South Africa
The first ever Ferro Chrome Plant was Initiated at the Tata Steel KZN (Pty) Limited at Richards Bay, South Africa. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Joint Venture with Riversdale Mining
A Joint Venture was signed with Riversdale Mining for Mozambique coal project. credits: www.tatasteel.com
The Tata Steel Centenary
Tata Steel celebrated 100 years of operations in the steel industry. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Integration of Tata Steel and Corus
Integration of Tata Steel and Corus was accomplished at US $ 12 billion, making Tata Steel one among the top ten steel producers globally and the second-most geographically diversified steel producer in the world. credits: www.tatasteel.com
MoU with Vietnam Steel Corporation
Tata Steel signed an MoU with Vietnam Steel Corporation (VSC) to establish a steel complex in Ha Tinh province, over a period of ten years. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Deming Application Prize
Tata Steel was awarded the prestigious Deming Application Prize becoming the first integrated steel plant in Asia to win this award. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Joint Venture with SAIL
SAIL and Tata Steel form Joint Venture for coal mining in India credits: www.tatasteel.com
Collaboration with Sultanate of Oman
Tata Steel collaborates with the Sultanate of Oman for Uyun Limestone. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Centenary Postage Stamp Released
Former Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh unveiled the Centenary Postage Stamp to commemorate Tata Steel's Centenary year. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puraskar 2009
TATA Steel Ltd received two awards under the 'Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puraskar 2009' for its remarkable contribution made in the field of sports.The two categories are Community Sports Identification and Nurturing of Budding Young Talent & Establishment and Management of Sports Academies of Excellence. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Social Responsibility
Tata Steel Ltd has been awarded the Golden Peacock Global Award for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the year 2009. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Merger of Tata Ryerson and HMPCL
Tata Ryerson and HMPCL merge with Tata Steel. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Tata Steel was declared the Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Winner 2010 for sustained excellence in field of Knowledge Management. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Conferred Fortune's 'Most Admired Company'
Tata Steel Ltd was ranked among the world’s top ten of the "Most Admired Company" rated by FORTUNE Magazine and the Hay Group. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Prime Minister's Trophy
The Ministry of Steel awarded Tata Steel the Prime Minister's Trophy for 'Best Performing Integrated Steel Plant' in the year 2010-11, thus making it the eighth time that Tata Steel received this award since the trophy's institution in 1992-93. credits: en.wikipedia.org
Joint Venture Company established
A Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) signed between Tata Steel's wholly owned subsidiary Tata Steel Global Minerals Holdings Pte. Limited ("Tata Steel" or "the Company") and New Millennium Capital Corp. ("NML") through which a Joint Venture Company was established to advance the DSO Project. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Tata Steel and NMDC sign MoU for enhancing iron ore resources
Signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with NMDC for exploring possibilities of a strategic alliance. credits: www.tatasteel.com
'Values Stronger Than Steel' launched
Tata Steel launched the corporate campaign "Values Stronger than Steel" (VSTS) to reinforce the importance of the organization's involvement and commitment beyond steel making, while embodying it's overarching "value system". credits: www.tatasteel.com
CII National Award for Extraordinary Water Management
Tata Steel's Mines Division, Noamundi was awarded Confederation of Indian Industry's (CII) National Award for Excellence in Water Management 2011 for its "Most Innovative Rainwater Harvesting Project". credits: www.tatasteel.com
Winner of JRDQV Award
Tata Steel’s Ferro Alloys & Minerals Division (FAMD) and Wires Division won the 17th JRDQV Award a recognition of excellence in business performance, following the Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM). credits: www.tatasteel.com
Adjudged 'Best in Corporate Social Responsibility'
Tata Steel was adjudged the 'Best in Corporate Social Responsibility' in India by Finance Asia, a leading finance publication based in Hong Kong. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Tata Steel wins the 'The Businessworld Most Respected Company Award 2011'
Tata Steel won 'The Businessworld Most Respected Company Award 2011' in the Metals category.The award was conducted across 20 industry verticals by Businessworld magazine. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Tata Steel and Rio Tinto sign collaborates
Tata Steel and Rio Tinto signed a licensing agreement to further support technological and commercial development of the environmentally friendly direct iron smelting process called HIsarna™. credits: www.tatasteel.com
India's First Silico Manganese Brand launched
Tata Steel's Ferro Alloys & Minerals Division (FAMD) launched TATA SILCOMAG, India's first branded Silico Manganese at Durgapur. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Tata Steel wins Deming Grand Prize 2012
Tata Steel created history by becoming the first integrated steel company in the world to be awarded the coveted Deming Grand Prize for excellence in applying the principles of Total Quality Management. credits: www.tatasteel.com
"Award for Leadership" at the CII National HR Conclave 2012
The compnay was conferred with the Prestigious "AWARD FOR LEADERSHIP" in HR Excellence at the CII National HR Conclave 2012. credits: www.tatasteel.com
CII-ITC Sustainability Prize 2011
Tata Steel bagged the Sustainability Prize at the CII-ITC Sustainability Award 2011's ceremony in the 'Category A' for Large Business Organization (for companies with turnover of above 500 Crores). credits: www.tatasteel.com
Recognition from Worldsteel
'Worldsteel' recognized Tata Steel Ltd., Tata Steel Europe and NatSteel (Tata Steel Singapore) for excellence in their Safety and Health Excellence performance and Climate Change Action programmes. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Tata Steel unveils new hot rolled products brand "Tata Astrum"
Tata Steel unveilds Tata Astrum, a new brand for its range of hot rolled (HR) products. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Cyrus P. Mistry on board
Mr. Cyrus P. Mistry appointed as the sixth Chairman of the Board and the second not to be named Tata. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Recognition among world's most ethical companies
The Ethisphere Institute, a leading international organisation dedicated to the creation, advancement, and sharing of best practices in business ethics, governance, anti-corruption and sustainability, named Tata Steel among the world's most ethical companies for 2013. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Best Performing Integrated Steel Plant for 2011 - 2012
Tata Steel was adjudged the 'Best Performing Integrated Steel Plant for 2011-12' in India based on the recommendations made by a panel of judges that selected companies for the coveted Prime Minister's Trophy for the given year. credits: www.tatasteel.com
New Leadership takes charge
Mr. T.V. Narendran took charge as the Managing Director of Tata Steel, India & South East Asia. Mr. Koushik Chatterjee was appointed the Group Executive Director (Finance and Corporate) credits: www.tatasteel.com
Ferro Manganese and Ferro Chrome brands launched
Continuing with its journey of excellence Tata Steel launched two new product brands, TATA FERROMAG and TATA TISCROME in the Ferro-Alloys segment. credits: www.tatasteel.com
Top Indian Company in the Iron & Steel Sector Award
Awarded the 'Top Indian Company in the Iron and Steel Sector' in the 14th edition of 'Dun & Bradstreet Corporate Awards 2014' for excelling on various business and social parameters. credits: www.tatasteel.com
MAKE Award 2013
Tata Steel won the prestigious Indian 'Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises' (MAKE) Award 2013 at CII's 'Knowledge Summit 2014'. credits: www.tatasteel.com
'2015 World's Most Ethical Company' award
Tata Steel was awarded the '2015 World's Most Ethical Company' award under the Metals category by the Ethisphere Institute making a hattrick by winning the award for the third time. credits: en.wikipedia.org

TATA Steel products & services

Flat Products

A wide range of standard products for different and demanding markets worldwide like hot rolled,cold rolled,metal coated,tubes etc. credits: www.tatasteel.com

Long Products

Plates, sections, wire rods and semi-finished steel for different applications ranging from small to large diameter, with varying thicknesses and grades of steel. credits: www.tatasteel.com

Construction Products

From basic research and materials through to new product development Tata Steel offers a comprehensive range of precision engineered, high quality building products that exceed the requirements of modern building design.It includes Rainwater systems, Lintels & steelwork, and Purlins that are important in both the construction of cold roof constructions and walls made of sandwich panels and sheet steel. credits: www.tatasteel.com

Agricultural Implements

Superior quality agricultural implements are manufactured at Tata Agrico.The product range includes Hoes, Sickles, Crowbars, Shovels, Pick Axes, Hammers, TP Series Hoes (Powrah), Garden Tools and Files. credits: www.tatasteel.com


A wide variety of bearings and auto assemblies are manufactured at the Bearings Division in India,which is one of India's largest quality bearing manufacturers, with a production capacity of 37 million bearing numbers.These include Bearings & Auto Assemblies Components, Ball Bearings, Tapered Roller Bearings, Magneto Bearings, Clutch Release Assemblies, Fan Support Assemblies and Cylindrical Roller Bearings. credits: www.tatasteel.com

TATA Steel Reviews


Tata Steel Jamshedpur Review

AnonymousQuality Control InchargeWorking since 20.4 years
I am working at Tata Steel in their Quality control division since 20.4 years. My job title is Quality Control Incharge. I have been working with Tata Steel at their Jamshedpur office.
Overall work
Generally speaking my work is satisfying
In my work, I have to travel within the country
Work days
Monday to Saturday
Work timings
8:30 AM to 5:30 PM strict
Overall job satisfaction
Work-Life balance
Attitude of collegues
Skill development
Office ambience

TATA Steel Interview questions


TATA Steel Management trainee interview

I was interviewed on-campus for Management trainee role at TATA Steel in Jan, 2017
Interview Process
Group Discussion Technical + HR Interview
Round 1

Group Discussion

30 Minutes
Group Discussion Topic
Interview Tips
be calm and composed, make only meaningful entries
Round 2

Technical + HR Interview

Interview Experience
They'll try to guage your understanding of the steel industry, your interest and your understanding of the TATA culture
Interview Tips
Be truthful and highlight the TATA Values
Read Full post...

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