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Microsoft Delhi Review

AnonymousTrainer Faculty
I am working at Microsoft in their No division . My job title is Trainer Faculty. I have been working with Microsoft at their Delhi office.
Overall work
Generally speaking my work is enjoyable, valuable to company, intellectual, exciting, satisfying.
In my work, I have to travel within the country
Work days
Alternate Saturday off
Work timings
10:00 AM to 8:00 PM strict
Overall job satisfaction
Work-Life balance
Attitude of collegues
Skill development
Office ambience
Childcare, Cafeteria, Work from home, Free food, Education assistance, Soft skill training, Health insurance and Job training.
Being as an 2 years of work experienced in the field of hr I loved the environment of women's safety
I hate the false person and who thinks to be over smart

Microsoft Interview questions


Microsoft Software development engineer interview

I was interviewed on-campus for Software development engineer role at Microsoft in Dec, 2016
Interview Process
Test Test Technical Interview Technical Interview Technical + HR Interview
Round 1


1 Hours 30 Minutes
No. of Questions
3 questions
Test Sections
  • Section 1: Coding
Interview Experience
The test had 3 questions as follows :
Q1. Rainwater Collection - Dynamic programming
Q2. DP / Memoization question
Q3. BFS Matrix Question
Interview Tips
Have strong hold over topics like Dynamic Programming. Graph Theory, specially BFS and DFS.
Round 2


45 Minutes
No. of Questions
2 questions
Test Sections
  • Section 1: Coding
Interview Experience
Both questions were based on implementation of puzzles and problems.
Interview Tips
AD-HOC questions should be known and good coding skills with data structures and algorithms.
Round 3

Technical Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Tell me about your internship experience.
  • Question 2: Discuss about a project mentioned in your CV.
Interview Experience
The interviewer asked me about my previous internships while in college and made me explain the work I did. Later on he asked me in detail about the projects I did in college.
Interview Tips
Be prepared to explain your internship work and project work in details. You will be cross questioned. So be ready to answer everything related to them. Only enter those projects in your CV which you can explain confidently.
Round 4

Technical Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Given two words, find the similarity between them. You have to develop your own sense of similarity here. Normalize length of LCS by the total length of the string.
  • Question 2: Stress checking questions
Interview Experience
I was first asked a coding question related to finding similarity in two words and I had to define the terms of similarity on my own which I did by normalizing length of LCS by the total length of the string. Then I was faced with stress checking. They tried proving me wrong even though when I was right and checked my reaction under stress.
Interview Tips
Be confident about your answers and act smart. Don't hesitate to explain and believe in your skills. Take criticism in a positive manner.
Round 5

Technical + HR Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Given a binary tree, return doubly linked list of all the nodes at each level.
  • Question 2: Can you work under pressure?
  • Question 3: Tell me your achievements.
  • Question 4: How can you be an asset to the company?
  • Question 5: Will you deliver your 100% in the job?
Interview Experience
A little coding questions were asked like binary trees, doubly linked lists etc. Then the usual HR questions like achievements, how would I be an asset to the company and all.
Interview Tips
Think out loud. Communicate with the interviewer well. Clarify whatever you don't understand. Show them that you are passionate and excited to work with them. Show that you will give your best to help grow the company.

Skills Tested

  • Coding Skills
  • Communication And Confidence
  • Ability To Cope Up With Stress
  • Logical And Structured Thinking
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