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http://www.infibeam.com10 Years Old
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, IndiaInternet
501-1000 EmployeesPrivate company

About Infibeam

Infibeam Inc is a leading online retailer in India & world fastest growing ecommerce Technology Company. Infibeam offers cloud based ecommerce platform service in B2C and B2B verticals and is recognized globally for its innovative approach towards delivering business values and responsive to changing customer needs. The company believes in empowering every individual and business in the retail value chain by providing affordable technology to solve large scale business problems. Today, Infibeam is a trusted name in retail and technology platform services and a partner of choice for global business. credits:


To build an excellent ecommerce platform. credits:

Infibeam impact

Cities present in
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250crore INR
Annual Turnover
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Infibeam story

The Start
Infibeam was founded in 2007 by Vishal Mehta, a Cornell and MIT Sloan alumnus. It was initially launched as an automobile portal by Vishal Mehta and a few his fellow Amazon ex-employees. Capital of Rs 10-15 crores was raised by Vishal Mehta from personal assets rather than external equity funding. credits:
Acquired PicSquare
Infibeam acquired PicSquare, an online personalized photo printing service. credits:
Launched E-Book Reader, Pi
Infibeam developed and launched Pi, an e-book reader that uses E Ink Electronic Paper technology. credits:
Announced Upgraded Version of Pi - Pi2
Pi2 was launched in early 2011, with upgradations like increased internal memory and wireless connectivity. credits:
Launched Buildabazaar
Infibeam developed Buildabazaar, an e-commerce Saas platform. credits:
Launched Infibeam Digital Entertainment (INDENT)
Infibeam launched a subsidiary, Infibeam Digital Entertainment (INDENT), capable of building Music Streaming and Download Platform solutions for Music Lables, Brands and OEMs. credits:
Launched Infibeam Concert Entertainment Park Travel (INCEPT)
Infibeam launched another subsidiary, Infibeam Concert Entertainment Park Travel (INCEPT), a ticketing platform software for Travel businesses, Theme Parks and Events. Infibeam built a ticketing solution for Adlabs Imagica in July 2013. credits:
Launched E-Commerce Marketplace Dhamaal
Infibeam launched the marketing, distribution and communication marketplace in association with CCAvenue. credits:
Acquired ODigMA for Rs 32 Crores
Infibeam acquired digital marketing company ODigMa for Rs 32 Crores ($5 million). credits:
Infibeam Awarded By Economic Times
Infibeam was awarded 'The Game Changing Idea Of The Year' Award By The Economic Times At Economic Times Retail Awards - 2014. credits:
Launched ShipDroid
Launched ShipDroid, a logistics aggregation platform in January 2015, to provide uniformity of logistics services to small merchants across all courier partners. The platform covers 20,000 pincodes across 600 cities. credits:
India's First E-Commerce IPO Filing - Infibeam
Infibeam filed for an IPO with SEBI to raise $71 million, and became the first e-commerce company to do so. credits:

Infibeam products & services

Online Retailing, the online retail website of the company, sells books, electronics and lifestyle products. The website has a selection of 1.2 Crore products across books, electronics, lifestyle, gifts and media.Infibeam is the only authorised online seller of iPhones in India. Infibeam maintains its bestsellers list for books sold on the site., owned by Infibeam, is a digital photo printing and personalized gifts website. credits:

E-Commerce Platform

Buildabazaar is a Saas platform built by Infibeam with operations in India and MiddleEast. The company initially extended its e-commerce platform to build online stores for HiDesign, TTK Prestige and Crossword Bookstores and NDTV Shopping. credits:

Ticketing Platform

Infibeam Concert Entertainment Park Travel (INCEPT), a subsidiary of Infibeam established in 2013 builds ticketing platform software for Travel businesses, Theme Parks and Events. An end to end park ticketing solution was built for Adlabs imagica by Infibeam in July 2013. The company also built a ticketing reservation platform for Mumbai International Airport Pvt. Ltd. (MIAL) to automate meet and assist services provided by GVK. credits:

Music Streaming Platform

Infibeam Digital Entertainment (INDENT), a subsidiary of Infibeam established in 2012, builds Music Streaming and Download Platform solutions for Music Lables, Brands and OEMs.In 2013, the company built Sony Music's Jive HD streaming and downloading app embedded in Sony's Xperia smartphones. credits:

Digital Marketing Services

The company offers Digital Marketing Services through its subsidiary ODIGMA, which it acquired in 2014. ODIGMA employs 70 people and serves digital marketing campaigns for around 400 brands. credits:

Generic Top Level Domain Registry

Infibeam owns the license of the generic top level domain (GTLD) '.ooo' granted by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). It launched the '.ooo' domain for trademark holders on 22 September 2014. credits:

Logistics Aggregation Platform

ShipDroid, a logistics aggregation platform was launched in January 2015, to provide uniformity of logistics services to small merchants across all courier partners. The platform allows merchants to choose mode of delivery such as surface, rail or air mode and also can opt for delivery commitment SLAs such as express delivery or regular delivery. credits:


Infibeam launched the e-commerce marketplace in association with CCAvenues.The website which is built on Buildabazaar platform, is also extended as co-branded marketplace with 50 Indian banks. credits:

E-book Reader

Infibeam launched Pi, an e-book reader that uses E Ink electronic paper technology.The device has the capability to play music files, read word documents and supports 13 Indian Languages. Infibeam launched the second version of its eBook readers and named it Pi2. Pi2 is a touchscreen device and has wireless connectivity. credits:

Infibeam Interview questions


Infibeam SOFTWARE ENGINEER interview

I Applied for job through Personal Contacts for SOFTWARE ENGINEER role at Infibeam
Interview Process
Technical Interview Technical Interview Technical Interview
Round 1

Technical Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: I was asked to derive the time complexity of my code from the written test. It was to print the elements of a binary tree in spiral order.
  • Question 2: I was asked to derive the time complexity of my code from the written test. It was to print the elements of a binary tree in spiral order.
  • Question 3: Program to swap two pointers.
  • Question 4: Program to determine whether a given binary tree is binary search tree. I was asked to solve this in two different ways.
Round 2

Technical Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Two DBMS queries involving aggregate functions.
  • Question 2: Program to implement Dijkstra’s algorithm.
  • Question 3: Program to implement Floyd­Warshall’s agorithm.
  • Question 4: Program to print the elements of a matrix in spiral order recursively.
  • Question 5: Given an unsorted array of numbers, find two numbers which add up to the given sum in O(n).
  • Question 6: Explain indexing in DBMS.
Round 3

Technical Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Explain B and B+ trees.
  • Question 2: Given a binary tree, write a program to determine whether there exists a root to leaf path having the given sum.
  • Question 3: Program to find the lowest common ancestor of two nodes in binary search tree as well as binary tree. I was also asked to give the brute force approach for the same.
  • Question 4: Program to print all ancestors of a node in a binary tree.
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Infibeam team

Vishal Mehta

Founder, CEO
Past: Dell Computers, AmazonEducation : B.S. - Cornell University, MBA - MIT SloanLocation: Ahmedabad

Neeru Sharma

Co-Founder, Director - CorpDev
Past: Corporate Development - Amazon, Project Manager - Alcatel Development India, Module Leader - TATA ConsultancyEducation : B.E. - Maharshi Dayanand University, MBA - Carnegie Mellon UniversityLocation: New Delhi

Sachin Dalal

Co-Founder and CEO (Technology & Operations)
Past: Software Engineer - HP, Software Developer - Amazon, Tech. Lead - AmazonEducation : BSc - Delhi University, MCS - University of PuneLocation: Gurgaon

Hiren Padhya

Past: CFO - Rubber King Tyres, CFO - Duravit India, Jubilant Group SEZ - CFO, VP (Accounts) - Unimark Remedies,Education : B.Comm - HL College of CommerceLocation: Ahmedabad

Manu Midha

VP - Strategy and Operations
Past: Senior Analyst (Investment Banking Division) - JP Morgan India, Co-Founder & COO - NCore Web Services, Software Engineer - Qwest CommunicationsEducation : B.Tech - IIT Kharagpur, MBA (Finance) - IIM AhmedabadLocation: Ahmedabad

Kartik Jain

VP - Corporate Development
Past: Co-Founder and CEO - Picsquare, Informatics Specialist - AstraZeneca India, Software Engineer - Qwest CommunicationsEducation : B.Tech - IIT BombayLocation: Mumbai

Girish Singhal

Vice President
Past: Project Head - Infinite Biomedical Technology, Research Assistant - JHUEducation : B.Tech - IIT Guwahati, M.S. - Johns Hopkins University, MBA - IIM AhemdabadLocation: Gurgaon

Soumya Banarjee

Senior VP - Digital
Past: CEO - Attano Media and Education, Vice President & Managing Director - Sapient, Technical Consultant (Equity Trading Systems) - Fidelity Investments, Lead Engineer - Western Geophysical Systems, Analyst - Tata Consultancy ServicesEducation : B.E. - University of Mumbai, M.S. - University of HoustonLocation: Mumbai

Advit Sahdev

Head of Marketing
Past: CEO & Founder - ODigMa, Project Manager - Infosys, Project Manager - Mindtree Consulting, Business Analyst - IntelEducation : B.E. - NIT Karnataka, PGDBM - ICFAILocation: Ahemdabad

Infibeam office photos

Infibeam Office Photos

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Infibeam amusing facts

  1. 1
    While e-commerce giants in India like Flipkart,Jabong,Myntra are running on losses Infibeam is India’s only profitable eCommerce company credits:
  2. 2
    Apart from getting the inspiration from Amazon, InfiBeam’s logo has the same 3 colours,an arrow like smiley and you might even end up seeing a lot of similarities in its logo. credits:
  3. 3
    The founder was so passionate about infibeam that he sold most of his personal assets including his own home to finance it. credits:
  4. 4
    Infibeam’s first office was in the garage of Vishal’s friend. credits:
  5. 5
    Infibeam in a total family package!!The entire investment in Infibeam is by Mehta, his family members and some of friends . credits:
  6. 6
    Vishal Mehta was just like most of us until the day when Guju cum entrepreneur bug bit him.The impact was so much that he landed in Cornell and MIT sloan to prsue his studies. credits:

Infibeam office locations

Bengaluru Office, Above Smart Retail Shop, Sanjay Nagar Main Road, Postal Colony, Raj Mahal Vilas 2nd Stage
Karnataka 560094
079 6777 8777
Mumbai Office
Infibeam, Gundavali, Andheri East
Maharashtra 400053
079 4026 0260
Ahmedabad Office
Infibeam, 9th Floor, A-Wing, Gopal Palace, Opp. Choice Restaurant, Nehrunagar
Gujarat 380015
079 4026 0260
Ahmedabad Office, 10th Floor, 1004, GNFC Tower, Sarkhej - Gandhinagar Highway, Bodak Dev Road, Bodakdev
Gujarat 380015
076980 08061

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