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http://www.futuresfirst.com13 Years Old
Gurgaon, IndiaInvestment Banking
501-1000 EmployeesPrivate company

About Futures First

"Futures First is the brand name for a group of privately owned companies, providing professional research and advisory services in commodities, securities and financial futures and options. We have offices across the globe, including in India, China, Kenya, Israel and Romania. Its principal assets are its people, recruited from the best universities in the world. The entrepreneurial nature of our activity demands the commitment of dynamic and talented people who can compete at the highest level to meet the demands of these intense markets. We value quick-witted analysis, independent judgment, strong number skills, intellectual curiosity, honesty, and a proven track record of commitment, hard work and success." credits: www.linkedin.com

Futures First story

Birth of Hertshten group
Hertshten Group was incorporated in March 2005 by Gedon Hertshten and a couple of individuals in Mauritius with an aim to create and build complementary businesses with high growth potential in developing economies on a global scale
Formation of Futures First
The Hertshten Group invested in a network of IT-enabled market advisory service companies operating in India and Israel.
Launched trade mogul competition
The Hertshten group in collabration with CME group and NYSE:ICE launched Trade Mogul Competition in 2010. It is a unique and exciting online trading simulation, that aims to provide top-tier universities a chance to experience trading in international futures markets
Launched Futures FIrst trading academy
Futures First launched an online trading Academy in 2014 in order to teach beginner or intermediate traders manage their mindsets for profitable trading strategies.

Futures First products & services

Trading & Financial Services

FuturesFirst offers information technology enabled market research and advisory services for trading. credits: www.bloomberg.com

Futures First Interview questions


Futures First Trainee market analyst interview

I was interviewed on-campus for Trainee market analyst role at Futures First in Aug, 2016
Interview Process
Test Stress Interview HR Interview
Round 1


35 Minutes
No. of Questions
60 questions
Test Sections
  • Section 1: Mathematical calculations
  • Section 2: Logical Reasoning
Interview Experience
Mathematical Questions were very basic and I was able to solve most of them mentally.Logical Reasoning questions were a bit challenging but solvable.
Interview Tips
Start with a free mind and dont waste time on a single question.
Round 2

Stress Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Tell me about yourself?
  • Question 2: You wouldn't be able to make it in futures first, Why should we hire you?
  • Question 3: Why do u think you are right for futures first?
  • Question 4: Who is your idol (and some questions based on that)?
  • Question 5: Some situation based questions(to judge how risk taking I am)?
  • Question 6: Some questions based on the form which you hava to fill before interview.
  • Question 7: Why are you not going for higher studies?
Interview Experience
The stress interview is one hell of an experience.They try to unsettle you in many ways like interviewer will be walking in the room while you are answering questions, they will keep fixating that you are not right for the job, but you to be cool and confident.
Interview Tips
Be yourself during this round but don't try to be over smart. They will try their best to unsettle you but be confident.
Round 3

HR Interview

Interview Questions
  • Question 1: Tell me about yourself?
  • Question 2: Why should we hire you?
  • Question 3: 2-3 simple puzzles we asked in this round/
  • Question 4: Some situation based questions were asked.
  • Question 5: Some questions based on the form which you have to fill before the interview.
Interview Experience
Apparently, this round was a bit simpler that the stress interview but required presence of mind and fast thinking for puzzles.
Interview Tips
Be calm, Be cool, Be confident,

Skills Tested

  • Analytical Skills
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Futures First team

Marc Lagesse

CEO, Hertshten Group
Past: University College, LondonLondon Business SchoolEducation : B.Sc (Hons), University College, London, M.B.A, London Business SchoolLocation: Mauritius


Chairman, Hertshten Group
Past: G.H.Financials LCC, LIFFE, Chicago Board of TradeEducation :Location: London

Ashok paryag

Director, Hertshten Group
Past: Munich Mauritius Reinsurance Company, Mauritus Insurance RegulatorEducation : B.sc (Hons), Actuarial Mathematics & Statistics, Heriot-Watt UniversityLocation: Mauritius

Anil batra

COO ,Hertshten Group
Past: G.H.Financials LCCEducation : Chartered AccountantLocation: Mauritius

rene leclezio

Director, Hertshten Group
Past: SH Landes, Lloyds Merchant Bank, Promotion and Development(PAD)Education : Chemical Engineering, Imperial college - London, M.B.A - London Business SchoolLocation: Mauritius

Dhiresh shah

CFO ,Hertshten Group
Past: KPMG,Chartered Institute of TaxationEducation : B.sc in Management Science ,London School of EconomicsLocation: Mauritius

sunil baijal

Managing Director & Head of Global Training, Hertshten Group
Past: Deutsche BankEducation : Mechanical Engineering, DCE, M.B.A, FMS, University of delhiLocation: India

Evan hochstein

CIO, Hertshten Group
Past: EEMA, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Dresdnr KleinwortEducation : Barllan University, IsraelLocation: Mauritius

Futures First office photos

office photos

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Futures First amusing facts

  1. 1
    Its market analyst's average age is around 25 years
  2. 2
    More than 1 in every 6 of our analysts, takes more than INR 50,00,000 per annum as total compensation. And about 6% of our analysts take more than INR 1,00,00,000 as their annual compensation. More interesting, these analysts are in the age group of 22-32 years. credits:
  3. 3
    Has no customers, makes its own trade-related decisions
  4. 4
    The average annual performance bonus that current analysts make is around INR 1,50,000

Futures First office locations

Gurgaon Office
Futures First, First Floor, Vipul Square, Sushant Lok I
Haryana 122009
0124 392 8600
Hyderabad Office
Futures First Info Service Private Limited, Krishe Sapphire, 5th Floor, Survey No 88, Hitech City Road, Vittal Rao Nagar, Madhapur
Telangana 500081
040 4242 6666

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