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Navi Mumbai, IndiaSoftware
11-50 EmployeesPrivate company

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about Ambition Box helps people with their Job-Interview Preparation and provides access to in-depth authentic information about a company.
We provide Interview Questions, Experiences and tips from people who have already been selected at various companies - Recently we launched another product giving job-seekers free access to information about a companies story, products & services, office photos, team, office locations and much more -

Why we think Interview Experiences solves a problem ?

We believe in the power of an Individual. An Individual’s Experience. An experience is powerful. But what is more powerful is an experience shared. It resonates. It simmers, sinks in and shapes us, directing students towards new knowledge, polished insights, forming a clearer picture of their goal. An experience shared is an experience remembered !

Why do we provide company Information ?

We often hear people saying "Research a company before you apply or work there!" and this product exactly solves that. Every company has different sections in their about us section. Some really important sections like Products & Services, company story, office locations, team, etc are often missed. Moreover the structure of these about us sections is not uniform. With this product we aim to solve the very basic problem of researching about a company exhaustively.


Our vision is to build products that connect users with their true ambition and help them build happy careers.


To help people discover and prepare for interviews of top companies in their hunt to find the perfect workplace.

Ambition Box story

Idea trigger
Sipping a cup of coffee the founders were discussing about placements at IITs in general - Pay packages, preparation, new vs old IITs, the intense pressure, the day slots, countless calls to seniors for placement tips! They soon realized the painpoint of calling up seniors, asking them for interview questions, company profiles, advice for the interviews, etc. We thought we could solve this problem and lessen the preparation burden. We started building on the product.
Builds a simple prototype
Started building on the product and launched a simple form where people who have been placed could share their interview questions and tips and started getting it filled from students who got selected on-campus in 2014.
Feedback. Iteration. Repeat.
Started compiling reviews from seniors. Received feedback. Iterated the form and started to scale up.
100 reviews milestone
Reached 100 reviews. Got some really good feedback for the initiative and concept.
Goes LIVE comes out of private beta and launches for public. Got some really fantastic reviews. Again collected feedback. A lot this time and iterations in process.
Crossed 500 reviews
500 reviews and counting! Decides to scale up rapidly and reaches out to all the final year students in top colleges.
Top 20 Hottest Tech Startups
Nominated as 'Top 20 Hottest Tech Startups of 2014' by Exhibit Magazine.
Explainer Video
Launched an animated explainer video asking people to share more and more reviews for helping others with their Interview Prep. Watch here -
1000 interview experiences shared!
Reached 1000 reviews. More than 5000 Interview Questions and loads of interview tips/advice shared for close to 200 companies.
Featured on Yourstory!
Got featured on YourStory -
A new brand. A new logo.
Launches a branding campaign.
Launched AmbitionBox 2.0
After a lot of tweaking and feedback from users the old website is revamped completely and the newly designed version (AmbitionBox 2.0) goes live. With simpler navigation,minimal elements & synchronous design - the mission to provide detailed, sorted and useful information to users gets strengthened.
Launched Company Pages
Company pages - A product that helps users discover information about companies they wish to work for was launched with total 70 companies to browse through.

Ambition Box products & services

Interview Preparation

AmbitionBox provides users with Interview Experiences, Questions, Tips and preparation resources for preparing for Interviews of more than 600 companies all compiled from people who have been selected in various companies.

Company Pages

AmbitionBox provides user authentic quality information about companies they want to work for. They cover a company's story, mission, vision, impact, products & services, office locations, office photos, amusing facts - thus helping the user in his hunt to find the perfect best-fit workplace.

Practice Questions

AmbitionBox helps users with Aptitude tests, Logical reasoning, Data Interpretation, Verbal ability and other similar entry level screening tests required in various Interviews of companies by providing detailed practice questions and answers.

Ambition Box team

Founder & CEO

Mayur Mundada

Past: Consultant - Deloitte, Investment Banking Analyst - JPMorganEducation : Btech & Mtech - IIT MadrasLocation: Mumbai
Co-founder & CTO

Subramanya Jingade

Past: Co Founder & CTO -, Founder, CEO - GeekyBird.coEducation : Btech & Mtech - IIT MadrasLocation: Mumbai

Ambition Box office locations

Navi Mumbai Office
Ambition Box, Doctor B R Ambedkar Marg, Sector 11, Sanpada
Navi Mumbai
Maharashtra 400705
091673 60874

Ambition Box amusing facts

In a short span of 8 months AmbitionBox has compiled close to a whooping 17000+ Interview Questions!
    1. 1
      In a short span of 8 months AmbitionBox has compiled close to a whooping 17000+ Interview Questions!
    2. 2
      There are no employees at AmbitionBox but has had more than 100 Interns work with them (all work from home) in various roles like marketing, operations, content developers, etc.

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