Event Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Best event management interview questions and answers

Good news. You have applied for several event management jobs. You feel confident and have received at least one event management interview request. Being the polite potential employee that you are, you’ve sent the pre-interview letter to confirm you’re going. Now what? Now is the time to anticipate the kind of questions asked specifically at event management interviews. Continue reading “Event Manager Interview Questions and Answers”

Body Language and its importance in Interviews!

Body Language
  • Sweaty palms
  • Butterflies in your stomach, lots of them
  • Unconscious shaking of the leg
  • Mindless clicking of the pen
  • The feeling that your body is being flushed

Please continue reading if you have faced any of the above, ever, in all the years on this planet. (In case you haven’t, please drop us a personal message, superhuman! Kryptonian, you have a blessed body language.) Continue reading “Body Language and its importance in Interviews!”

5 Reasons Why you Should Share Your Interview Experience!

Share your interview experience

We know that once you get selected in a company you are in a mood to party hard, but there’s something you should always remember – Giving back! It’s time to share your interview experience. You can trust us when we say this. There are thousands of people who have shared their Interview Experiences on AmbitionBox and so many of them tell us how good they feel when a junior thanks them for their advice. Here are 5 reasons why you should take sharing seriously. Continue reading “5 Reasons Why you Should Share Your Interview Experience!”