Event Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Best event management interview questions and answers

Good news. You have applied for several event management jobs. You feel confident and have received at least one event management interview request. Being the polite potential employee that you are, you’ve sent the pre-interview letter to confirm you’re going. Now what? Now is the time to anticipate the kind of questions asked specifically at event management interviews. Continue reading “Event Manager Interview Questions and Answers”

8 Smart Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

questions to ask in an interview

Prepare good questions to ask your interviewer. Asking questions can demonstrate that you understand an organization’s overall challenges. Putting forth the right questions can further emphasize on the fact whether you can help the ‘interviewing company’ overcome its roadblocks. Besides, this act shows that you are interested in the opening or position.

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How To Clear a Telephonic Interview Round?

telephonic interview

In a telephonic interview, you need to respond to your recruiters’ queries on the phone. This round is an effective method to measure a candidate’s communication and listening skills. Phone interviewers save organizations time and money and sometimes, the process might be automated, where you need to answer a set of standard questions. But in a majority of cases, you might face a non-automated telephonic interview, wherein you will have a direct conversation with the recruiter.

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How to Write a Thank You Email After a Job Interview (Samples Included)

thank you email

Sending out a thank you email is a must after your job interview. Sending this communication to your hiring manager is supposed to be a polite gesture. The self-serving purpose of your thank you note is that it is your last opportunity to stand out and speak for yourself. Basically, it is a way of leaving a positive impression in the eyes of the right people.

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Your Cheat Sheet to Commonly Asked Behavioral Interview Questions

behavioral interview questions

Behavioral interview questions form a major part of your job interview process. Some companies conduct a special behavioral interview round. Hiring managers in most of the Indian companies use these questions to get an idea about your core skills and competencies and whether you are the best fit for their organization.

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9 things you could do if you don’t get a job you desire!

dream job

Life is replete with uncertainties. Sometimes, despite planning in advance for your future, and working diligently towards your goal, things don’t work in your favor. You may not get that sought-after job, or end up with a job that is not to your liking. Even worse, you may not land a job at all. While it is undoubtedly unsatisfactory and disheartening, it is extremely important for you to not give up!  Continue reading “9 things you could do if you don’t get a job you desire!”

Bridging the gap between passion and career

We, as human beings, are differentiated from other species present on planet earth by virtue of our knowledge and decision making capabilities. How we behave, how we dress up and even what we eat, is determined by personal choices we make on a day-to-day basis. However, when it comes to choosing a career for ourselves, we often let the rest of the world decide for us. That’s sad! 🙁

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