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Signs That Make You Look Unprofessional in an Interview

Signs That Make You Look Unprofessional in an Interview - AmbitionBox

You certainly are now aware that you should not apply with e-mail ids that shout out “I am cool” and “I am sexy” or something that shows that you are a high school student. As far as your potential employers are concerned, try to look professional in an interview. Also, use an e-mail ID that that shows professionalism. You also know the basics of a job interview process. Arriving late or not dressed formally are somethings you should definitely avoid. A firm grasp, delivering a solid handshake, body posture and eye contact are little things that you now know are important for an interview.

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Group Discussion tips you must know!

Group Discussion Tips AmbitionBox

You must’ve heard of the popular saying “Where there is no struggle there is no strength”. We target to reach the zenith of success in our professional lives, the threshold of which is getting into that supposed “Dream Company”. Being chosen in reciprocation by the one company we choose for ourselves, is however a herculean task. Companies conduct grilling recruitment processes to spot the best fit candidate for their organization by judging capabilities of applicants on a plethora of well-defined parameters. Continue reading

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5 Reasons why you should share your Interview Experience!


We know that once you get selected in a company you are in a mood to party but there’s something you should always remember – Giving back! Sharing your interview experiences can be very satisfying. You can trust us when we say this. There are thousands of people who have shared their Interview Experiences on AmbitionBox and so many of them tell us how good they feel when a junior thanks them for their advice. Here are 5 reasons why you should take sharing seriously: Continue reading