101 Group Discussion Topics Commonly Asked in 2016 and 2017

latest Group Discussion topics

Group Discussion topics asked in GD rounds are not as tough as they seemA little bit of preparation in advance can go a long way in helping you perform well.

If you have never attended a GD round before, read this blog post to get a fair idea about frequently asked group discussion topics. But first, you should know the reason why a GD round is conducted.

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Latest Group Discussion Topics with Answers

latest Group Discussion topics

Knowledge of the latest Group Discussion topics plays a very important role in your job selection process. The GD round is conducted to assess your communication skills within a group, as this criterion cannot be evaluated during a regular face-to-face interview. In India, Group Discussion is not a part of the academic curriculum in Colleges and Universities. As a result, students face a lot of issues when they have to clear this round. Continue reading “Latest Group Discussion Topics with Answers”

Group Discussion tips you must know!

Group discussion

You must’ve heard of the popular saying “Where there is no struggle there is no strength”. We target to reach the zenith of success in our professional lives, the threshold of which is getting into that supposed “Dream Company”. Being chosen in reciprocation by the one company we choose for ourselves, is however a herculean task. Companies conduct grilling recruitment processes to spot the best fit candidate for their organization by judging capabilities of applicants on a plethora of well-defined parameters. Continue reading “Group Discussion tips you must know!”