Bridging the gap between passion and career

We, as human beings, are differentiated from other species present on planet earth by virtue of our knowledge and decision making capabilities. How we behave, how we dress up and even what we eat, is determined by personal choices we make on a day-to-day basis. However, when it comes to choosing a career for ourselves, we often let the rest of the world decide for us. That’s sad! 🙁

There exist stereotypes, there always have. Your folks and peers want to witness you pursue a ‘respectable’ career, make a grand name to fall back on and help them lift their heads proudly while speaking of you with others. But if I may ask, who decides which profession is respectable? Don’t we all have a passion of our own? Wouldn’t our passion forever be sacred to us, even if it is derogatory in the eyes of the majority?

We talk about choosing professions of our choice to excel in life. Inspirational movies like “Three Idiots” and recently released “Tamasha” throw light on how inner happiness can only be attained by the pursuit of passion. However, we fail to carry the message forward, once we step out of the movie theater. The superstar Rajnikant, also known as “Thalaiva”, was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but a burning desire to become an actor in his heart. He performed the roles of a bus conductor, coolie and carpenter in his real life, before facing the camera in reel life. This only proves that one’s undeterred will can overcome all trials and tribulations.

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It is imperative for us to understand, that even if we do submissively accept what others command of us as bad fate, we would till eternity be doomed to carry the heavy baggage of a job we never wanted to land up in. It is no good waking up to a job you don’t wish to go to. Happiness lies in continuously pursuing what YOU desire for yourself and not what others desire for you. It doesn’t matter if the neighbor’s son is an engineer while you work at the bakery if you go home after a hard day at work with content in your heart.

Being passionate has much more to do than merely eyeing an exorbitantly lavish lifestyle. Discover what you’re truly cut out for. Indulge in introspection to dig deeper into what makes you beam with happiness. And once you make that call, work diligently towards the attainment of your earnest goals. If it is hard to get into that “dream company”, work harder. Don’t settle for anything but the best. Never doubt your abilities, you have it all in you to reach the apex of a successful career. And most importantly, no matter what phase of your career you are in currently, take a chance, for it’s never too late.

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