Group Discussion tips you must know! [Updated in 2017]

Group discussion

A Group Discussion is a formal discussion that is moderated by a panelist. It is nothing but a tool used by companies to gauge a candidate’s ability to communicate efficiently. In this blog, we will discuss a GD round in detail, some quick group discussion tips to clear the round, latest GD topics on current affairs, FAQs for campus recruitment GD round and more.  Continue reading “Group Discussion tips you must know! [Updated in 2017]”

Bridging the gap between passion and career

We, as human beings, are differentiated from other species present on planet earth by virtue of our knowledge and decision making capabilities. How we behave, how we dress up and even what we eat, is determined by personal choices we make on a day-to-day basis. However, when it comes to choosing a career for ourselves, we often let the rest of the world decide for us. That’s sad! 🙁

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