5 Reasons Why you Should Share Your Interview Experience!

We know that once you get selected in a company you are in a mood to party hard, but there’s something you should always remember – Giving back! It’s time to share your interview experience. You can trust us when we say this. There are thousands of people who have shared their Interview Experiences on AmbitionBox and so many of them tell us how good they feel when a junior thanks them for their advice. Here are 5 reasons why you should take sharing seriously.Duty to pass on

Nobody can claim that he successfully cracked the Interview without anybody’s help. Just rewind a little bit and remember all those people who helped you directly or indirectly ace the interview! Your seniors, siblings, friends, parents and many others have some or the other role to play in your success. Even a simple “All the best beta! I know you will crack it!” from your father might do wonders to boost your confidence, resulting in a successful Interview. Wouldn’t you want to thank them and pass on the favor?

Picking up the keys of the real estate agent

Setting an example

Setting an example, for other job-seekers can give them a lot of hope. A feeling that they can also do it! It boosts up their morale and motivates them to work harder. You become an idol for many and when they get benefited from your advice you will be remembered! Always holding a place in their heart! Isn’t that wonderful? Think about it, job interviews are taken very seriously and anyone who has contributed to your success, you really cannot forget them! Ever!

Helping others helps you!

When you actually start writing you will be going through the whole journey once again and realize that there are so many mistakes that could have been avoided. Tips that would help someone save time & prepare better. When you put all of that in words you would actually feel proud of yourself. And yes, you should be! Despite all the mistakes you were able to overcome them and clear the interview. Writing down your mistakes reminds you of what you did wrong this time and what can be worked on more to avoid them in future. An interview experience then does not merely remain a post, it becomes a healthy introspection about the positives and negatives of your interview preparation or rather a journey!

helping-others in Interview preparation helps us!

Value and happiness blended in one

Your wisdom and experience only hold value if you share it to benefit others. It makes you bigger, gives you a strong reason to take pride in and a fantastic way to become social and get that inner “kick” in life. Trust us when we say this. One genuine testimonial from a stranger who gets benefited from your review will bring about an insane amount of happiness in your life.

value-and-happiness by sharing interview questions

Because you are awesome!

We know that you are that good person who would time and again help someone in need. We have created a platform to help your voice reach lakhs of job seekers and we just want you to be as you are. Maybe just push a little bit, take out 20 mins and share your interview experience for juniors.


So do share your interview experience or remember to share one, once you get a job! 🙂

Link for sharing your Job Interview Experience – http://ambitionbox.com/share-job-interview

Link for sharing your Internship Interview Experience – http://ambitionbox.com/share-internship-interview